Mini-University (Days 9 & 10)

June 17

Heading Home

[We’ve graduated, diplomas in hand.  You may have noticed back in the beginning that the Super and I had a gold star on our Mini-University name tags.  That meant that we were “freshman.”  Last year, Reetz won the “freshman of week” award by such a wide margin that decided to retire the “beanie” in her honor.]

6-17-17-2 - Copy

[Waving good-bye to Reetz, our hostess with the mostest.  And trying to not run her over.]

6-17-17-3 - Copy

[OK, the previous pictures were staged because we had to get this one . . . ]

6-17-17-4 - Copy

[The sisters say good-bye.  They will reunite at IU camp in Elkhart Lake in August.]

6-17-17-5 - Copy

[Bye to our BNB.]

6-17-17-6 - Copy

[We decided not to take this previously used room?]

6-17-17-7 - Copy

[The Super and her Black River Falls orange moose.  This is where we spent the night.]

6-17-17-8 - Copy

[Dinner was right next door.  The on-line reviews were good.]

6-17-17-10 - Copy

[And it was!]

6-17-17-12 - Copy

6-17-17-13 - Copy

[The Super used her 17 years in Minnesota tracking skills to locate the orange moose and his white tail deer friend.]

6-17-17-15 - Copy

June 18

[Hi!  We’re home!  And we wanted to be home in time for . . . ]

6-18-17-2 - Copy

[The Cheese Bots drew from far and wide for Father’s Day at the winery – the Super and I from Black River Falls this morning, Tom Kiehne from Texas, and Jerry Kiehne from some golf course resort area in Florida. Oh yeah, and the Etniers made the occasionally hazardous journey from Ashby!]

6-18-17-3 - Copy

6-18-17-4 - Copy

6-18-17-5 - Copy

6-18-17-6 - Copy

6-18-17-7 - Copy

Sex Education 101: Sould dentures be removed before trying that? ~  Unknown

Up Next:  No idea?

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