Oh, Canada! (Day 10)

May 13


boston - Copy

[This is it!  We’ll be disembarking the Veendam shortly . . . for the last time.]

5-13-17-1 - Copy

5-13-17-2 - Copy

5-13-17-3 - Copy

5-13-17-4 - Copy

[Have you ever done a slow pass past a container ship?]

5-13-17-5 - Copy

5-13-17-6 - Copy

5-13-17-7 - Copy

[And this is about it for Beantown.  Not that we don’t like Boston, we love Boston.  But we’ve been here a few times, most recently just a couple of year ago . . . ]

5-13-17-8 - Copy

[We bid adieu to our fellow travelers.  Let’s do it again some time, kids!]

IMG_6798 - Copy


[We came down the gangplank just in time to be picked up by friends Rose and Dick McMullen, who live in the city put on the map by another friend, Jess Lourey.]

salem's cypher

[The Biddies and I would spend a couple of days with the McMullens, reacquainting ourselves with the nearby lands north of Boston, beginning here with the Salem witch hunt cemeteries . . . ]

5-13-17-10 - Copy

[OK, other than witches are buried here too.]

5-13-17-11 - Copy

5-13-17-12 - Copy

[A classic cemetery of the horror movie genre.]

5-13-17-13 - Copy

[Well, The Biddies don’t look too scared!]

5-13-17-14 - Copy

[They ran out of rope?]

5-13-17-15 - Copy

5-13-17-16 - Copy

[And now Rosie and Dick join the shopping brigade.]

5-13-17-17 - Copy

[And whom amongst us doesn’t enjoy a little pain every once in a while.]5-13-17-18 - Copy

[The classic downtown streets of Salem, walking distance from Rose and Dick’s.]

5-13-17-19 - Copy

5-13-17-20 - Copy

[To the town hall . . . ]

5-13-17-21 - Copy

[Where certain crafts were being displayed, included beekeeping . . . ]

5-13-17-22 - Copy

[And here’s the photo The Super took, because daughter Jami is now a beekeeper.]

20170513_114532 - Copy

[Once Bewitched . . . ]

5-13-17-24 - Copy

5-13-17-24-1 - Copy

[Forever Bewitched!!!]

5-13-17-25 - Copy

5-13-17-26 - Copy

[I suspect Rose and Dick have done this a few times.]

5-13-17-28 - Copy

5-13-17-29 - Copy

5-13-17-30 - Copy

[Back “on the road again.”]

5-13-17-32 - Copy

5-13-17-33 - Copy

5-13-17-34 - Copy

[Catching up on stuff since our last visit.]

5-13-17-35 - Copy

[The statue overlooking the town square on which the McMullen condo resides.]

5-13-17-36 - Copy

5-13-17-37 - Copy

[Crossing the square, heading directly toward our residence for the next two days.]

5-13-17-38 - Copy

[The light blue building in the center, the 2nd floor, is the ultimate destination.]

5-13-17-39 - Copy

[And then a little fine dining at Bella Verona, a cozy little restaurant back on the other side of the square again . . . ]

5-13-17-40 - Copy

[Mmmm, penne!]

5-13-17-41 - Copy

[My swordfish and salmon . . . ]

5-13-17-42 - Copy

[A delicious consensus from everyone!]

5-13-17-43 - Copy

Boston is actually the capital of the world.  You didn’t know that?  We breed smart-ass, quippy, funny people.  Not that I’m one of them.  I just sorta sneaked in under the radar.  ~  John Krasinski

Up Next:  More Salem

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One Response to Oh, Canada! (Day 10)

  1. G. says:

    Salem does look like an interesting place to visit. Would especially be nice in the fall.

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