Oh, Canada! (Day 7)

May 10


sydney - Copy

sydney2 - Copy

[So, Sydney?  I will admit to never having heard of Sydney before this trip.  Will wonders never cease?  Sydney is a population centre (32,000) and former city in Nova Scotia. Situated on Cape Breton Island’s east coast, it belongs administratively to the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. Sydney was founded in 1785 by the British; it was incorporated as a city in 1904, and dissolved on 1 August 1995, when it was amalgamated into the regional municipality. It served as the Cape Breton Island colony’s capital, until 1820, when the colony merged with Nova Scotia and the capital moved to Halifax.  (Wikipedia)]

sydney3 - Copy

[We’re off the ship, in the information center waiting for the rain to GO AWAY.  I’m in my usual situation under such circumstances.  I look to my left, no Supervisor . . . ]

5-10-17-1 - Copy

[I look to my right, no Reetz . . . ]

5-10-17-2 - Copy

[I’m left minding the fort while they browse whatever shopping opportunities there are?]

5-10-17-3 - Copy

[Oh, here they are!  Let’s go here!]

5-10-17-4-1 - Copy

5-10-17-6 - Copy

[It’s raining hard, but The Biddies are indefatigable.  We’re going exploring.]

5-10-17-7 - Copy

[It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!]

5-10-17-9 - Copy

[We ducked into this church for a little local history.]

5-10-17-10 - Copy

5-10-17-10-1 - Copy

5-10-17-11 - Copy

5-10-17-11-1 - Copy

5-10-17-12 - Copy

[Once the home of a prominent merchant, Jost Heritage House (c 1787) located in Sydney on Cape Breton Island, shows the evolution of a wooden dwelling over the course of two centuries.  The museum features displays on local marine life, Cape Breton history and a reconstructed apothecary.  (novascotia.com)  I did not feel like standing outside in the elements to take a photo that I could borrow much more comfortably from the internet – so that’s what I did here.]

jost house

[And because it was a foul weather day, we tried to keep our outdoor exploring to a minimum.  We thusly spent a lot of time in this heritage house.  The Super took the next 12 photos about the life and times of the era, not unlike what one would find in Colonial Williamsburg.]

20170510_110427 - Copy

[The Biddies were particularly taken with this young man explaining the goings-on in the basement.]

20170510_110650 - Copy

[I do not believe there would have been a fire extinguisher back in the day.]

20170510_111529 - Copy

[Not exactly a Sealy Posturepedic.]

20170510_111755 - Copy

[I’d like to return this duck . . . errr, loon.]

20170510_112524 - Copy


20170510_113154 - Copy

20170510_113210 - Copy

20170510_113556 - Copy

20170510_113645 - Copy

20170510_113753 - Copy

20170510_114200 - Copy

[Somebody asked this young presenter if she sang.  I don’t know why?  But she responded, “How about Amazing Grace?”  The assembled several had no problem with that, and she gave a marvelous a cappella performance.]

20170510_115122 - Copy

20170510_115429 - Copy

[And back to me . . . ]

5-10-17-13 - Copy

[Thought it cool that the museum contained a undated photo our ship Veendam.]

5-10-17-14 - Copy

5-10-17-15 - Copy

[Just because banks are important . . . ]

5-10-17-16 - Copy


[If you read the above, no need for further explanation from me here.  But now having read it myself, I guess there is a need.]

5-10-17-17 - Copy

[The “Largest Ceilidh Fiddle in the World” –  Cape Breton Island is home to the world’s largest fiddle!  Located at the Port of Sydney, the iconic fiddle and bow reach 60 feet
in height. Also home of North America’s only living Celtic culture, residents felt the fiddle was a strong symbol to represent the island.  Officially named FIDHEAL MHOR A’ CEILIDH, or the Big Fiddle of the Ceilidh, the giant fiddle plays a dedicated medley composed by local musician Kinnon Beaton and delights all who hear it with a march, a stratespey and a reel. (cbisland.com)]

5-10-17-18 - Copy

[Someone left my fiddle out in the rain . . . ]

5-10-17-19 - Copy

[Shipboard visibility, so . . . ]

5-10-17-20 - Copy

[Let’s go eat!  Bobbie, Kathy (the HQ), and Joanne were traveling with us if not actually with us.  We dined together on occasion when our schedules meshed.  The HQ is our travel agent and advised us of this trip.  To her credit, she did not cancel her trip upon learning we would be joining them.]

5-10-17-21 - Copy

[We had a table that featured a view of where we’d just been.]

5-10-17-23 - Copy

[And the requisite shots for the foodies.]

5-10-17-25 - Copy

5-10-17-26 - Copy

5-10-17-27 - Copy

[And why this day will be remembered . . . ]

trump fires comey - Copy

[Ahhh, a bunny]

5-10-17-28 - Copy

I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada.  ~  Britney Spears (asked the best part of being famous)

Up Next:  One more day in Canada.  BTW, I hope you noticed this is our second international Sydney within a couple months of each other.

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