Oh, Canada! (Day 5)

May 8

Open “Sea”


[The St. Lawrence is enormous. The river proper, at 1,197 km in length, runs northeast from Lake Ontario towards the Atlantic, where it forms the Gulf of St. Lawrence. All in all, the whole St. Lawrence system is 3,058 km. This behemoth of a river is still fairly young, having only formed around 10,000 years or so ago when the glaciers began retreating, exposing a giant gash in the Earth’s crust (WWF-Canada Blog).  The river becomes tidal just past Quebec City and widens considerably.  It looks and feels like being at sea.  This leg of the cruise is all on the water, and on this day we were experiencing 4-meter swells. If not for the big ship, we’d be rockin’ and rollin’!]

5-8-17-1 - Copy


5-8-17-2 - Copy

[So, what does one do at “sea” all day.  One reads.  I put a nice dent in One Summer, by Bill Bryson, though it got a bit curdled in my backpack during the rains in Montreal.  And for bloggers it gives us an opportunity for a James Patterson chapter-post, i.e., short, if not necessarily sweet.  Reetz gets up close and personal with her reading.  She’s very nearsighted.]

5-8-17-3 - Copy

[And then to bed, where nightly the staff leaves us a towel-animal.]

5-8-17-4 - Copy

[In the morning, we will be in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, the birthplace of Canada.]

5-8-17-5 - Copy

I’m not an American!  I am a Canadian.  I come from a “nice,” thoroughly unrealistic country.  ~  Matthew Fisher

Up Next:  Even more Canada.

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  1. ruthao1945 says:

    I love the photo of Nearsighted Reetz.

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