A Winery Holiday Weekend

May 26

Jami just happened to come down for the prelims . . .

5-26-17-1 - Copy

5-26-17-4 - Copy

[Can you say, “Ahhhhh, Sauterne”?]

5-26-17-7 - Copy

May 27

A surprisingly nice day!  The assembled masses enjoyed music sitting outside for the first time (I think?).


[Anthony Miltich brought family and a friend:  I am joined by guest musicians Jim Miltich (harmonica/guitar/vocal/humorist), Helen Kaul Miltich (vocalist) and John Rivera (percussion).]

5-27-17-1 - Copy

[They were as delightful as the weather . . . ]

5-27-17-2 - Copy

[Here some are singing and some are drumming . . . ]

5-27-17-3 - Copy

[Fans came from as far away as South Dakota . . . well, orginally.]

5-27-17-4 - Copy

[And then another Miltich showed – Steve apparently was a total surprise.]

5-27-17-5 - Copy

[Anthony is having fun with siblings.]

5-27-17-6 - Copy

[At the request of at least me.]

May 28

[Josie Nelson + winery = WIND.  We’ve always joked that she always seems to get gale force winds when she performs here.]

5-28-17-1 - Copy

5-28-17-2 - Copy

[And the wind was quite chilly . . . ]

5-28-17-3 - Copy

[Her mom arrived with an extra layer for her . . . ]

5-28-17-4 - Copy

[But we said she should have ordered some wool socks as well!]

5-28-17-5 - Copy

[It was an event weekend, with beer from the new local brewery, Copper Trail Brewing Company; and burgers and fries and stuff; and  . . . ]

5-28-17-6 - Copy

[L’il Ole]

5-28-17-7 - Copy

[And before Josie could finish, here comes the storm.  The Super and I got soaked rushing (well, a higher rate of speed than usual for older people) to the car out in the pasture.]

5-28-17-8 - Copy

[Josie graduates from high school this year, an event that will take place prior to the next time I have to do my nails.  Then we’ll have to turn her loose in the world and hope she comes back to visit on occasion.]

Marry an orphan: you’ll never have to spend boring holidays with the in-laws.  ~  George Carlin

Up Next:  It was suppose to be the section softball game at noon today.  After getting totally drenched several times on the Canada trip and then yesterday at the winery with Josie, we received medical advice that any further soakings within the next 6 months could lead to a costly and painful surgical procedure called a “moldectomy.”  The game likely did not get rained out – I don’t know the results.

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One Response to A Winery Holiday Weekend

  1. JamiG4 says:

    Oh, so nice to hear the Miltich clan!! And this Josie tune is one of my favorites. She is all grown up! Ah, all you miss when you’ve moved from Vacationland USA…

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