Lands Down Under (Day 12)

January 22






[Well, it had to happen.  As forecast, we were heading into an all day rain and wind event.  This is the Super’s photo coming into Port Chalmers, our drop off point for Dunedin (New Zealand’s oldest city).]

20170121_090841-1 - Copy

[On the ground and in the bus.]


[No, the Vikings have never played here.]


[First stop, the Railway Station.]


[The station’s platform is a kilometer long, the world’s longest catwalk.]


[Anne and Shari getting such information from our minibus driver/tour guide, as we look both ways.]


[Inside, the local greeting club in full regalia.]


[And moving upstairs to check on such things as . . . ]


[The New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame . . . ]



[I should have purchased an All Blacks tee shirt in the gift shop here.  Never saw any others as nifty?]


[Interesting that in the country of the All Blacks, perennially the best rugby team in the world, a woman basketball player was chosen to “greet” visitors.]


[Two Super photos, capturing Bert, Kathy and me trying to find our way around . . . ]

20170122_092402 - Copy

[Is this the way out?]

20170122_092429 - Copy

[My photo in an artist’a studio . . . ]


[And two Super photos there . . . ]

20170122_091629 - Copy

20170122_091646 - Copy

[The Biddies hamming it up with the welcome wagon.]


[A Super photo of the Railway Station gardens.]

20170122_092858 - Copy

[A camera’s depth of field can be seriously compromised by rain on the window.]


[The bus driver pointing . . . this may have been the spot of a major ferry disaster in a bad storm a few years ago.]


[The Molars – didn’t stop for a better photo op because of the weather.]


[Looks like it would have been a great view on a clear day?]


[The Super accidentally captured a bushy eyebrowed tourist in this shot.]

20170122_094626 - Copy

[I believe this is St. Clair Beach, but don’t bet on it.]


[The rain shows no signs of let up.]


[Now in St. Kilda, a Dunedin suburb along the shore.]


[St. Kilda is the patron saint of people on Medicare.]

1-22-17-20-1 - Copy

[On the point is a salt water pool.]

1-22-17-21 - Copy

[The storm chasers file out of our minibus for photo ops!]

1-22-17-22 - Copy

[Three shots by the Super as we all try to shoot through the wind, the rain, and the mud.]

20170122_101010 - Copy

20170122_101026 - Copy

1-22-17-23 - Copy

[Let’s go inside – at the Toitu Otago Settlers Museum . . . ]

1-22-17-24 - Copy

[The Super shot me touching the rock . . . it turned me into a newt?]

20170122_105509 - Copy

1-22-17-25 - Copy

1-22-17-26 - Copy

1-22-17-27 - Copy

[A whaling boat]

1-22-17-28 - Copy

[Two more from the Super]

20170122_105847 - Copy

[All aboard!]

20170122_111905 - Copy

[And back to me.]

1-22-17-29 - Copy

[Famous folk of the area.]

1-22-17-30 - Copy

[Likely not a yellow-rumped warbler.]

1-22-17-31 - Copy

[Freddy was so fresh I had to slap him!]

1-22-17-32 - Copy

[We went to the Cadbury chocolate factory because . . . well, why wouldn’t we?]

1-22-17-33 - Copy

1-22-17-34 - Copy

1-22-17-35 - Copy

[Don’t let The Biddies fool you – they were there for the chocolate!]

1-22-17-36 - Copy

[And a Super Cadbury shot]

20170122_115938 - Copy

[Outside the Cadbury, downtown Dunedin.]

1-22-17-37 - Copy

[Now, as usual, we were looking for a fine dining experience . . .]

1-22-17-38 - Copy

[This looks like it could be the place!]

1-22-17-39 - Copy

[And it was!!]

1-22-17-40 - Copy

[Tummy’s full, it was time to find our way back to the ship . . . ]

1-22-17-41 - Copy

[I think that’s our bus?  (It wasn’t, but we eventually did find our way back or I wouldn’t be doing this.)]

1-22-17-42 - Copy

It is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light, and certainly not desirable, as one’s hat keeps blowing off.  ~  Woody Allen

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