Shaun Johnson’s Big Band Symphony Orchestra

February 12



[Yeah, we were looking forward to this – kinda wondering how it was going to work? We have seen other Shaun performances in Alex, both with Tonic Sol-fa and the Big Band Experience, but never with an entire symphony orchestra?]

[Symphony president and violinist extraordinaire, Greg Donahue, sets the stage.]


[Maestro Brad Lambrecht leads the Central Lakes Symphony Orchestra with Shaun’s Big Band, consisting of a piano player, a double bass player, a drummer, a trumpet player, a trombone player, and two saxophonists.  Shaun was the singer.]


[The tenor from Tonic Sol-fa joined Shaun for one song.  Loved it.]


[Shaun and a groupie after the show.  Actually, we name dropped.  We told him we were close personal friends of Jeanne and Tom Mulder.  Underwhelmed by that piece of news, he decided he would pose with the Super anyway.  But seriously, Shaun was only too happy to send greetings to the Mulders, and we thanked him for a truly powerful and wonderful show.  Oh, and it was quite obvious that the orchestra and Shaun’s band were really have fun playing together.]





[Citing near starvation, the Super made me stop at Subway on the way home.  The basketball courts across the street (9th and Broadway) were ice rinks created solely by Mother Nature.  This winter of constant thaws has made it necessary for the Obert household to drive the car to the end of the driveway every morning to get the newspaper – walking there is not possible because the entire driveway is a sheet of ice.  It didn’t help that we had rain the night before – on February 11, once considered to be the middle of winter.]



After playing the violin for the cellist Gregor Piatgorsky, Albert Einstein asked, “Did I play well?” “You played relatively well,” replied Piatgorsky.

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