“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Budapest” (Day 13)

April 30

~ Rothenburg

[This was our Viking Daily.  It ran 4 pages everyday, setting forth the day’s happenings.  Yes, I forgot to include these on the previous days . . . so I have gone back and done so.  I would highly recommend keeping these, or their equivalents, from your travels – it helps when trying to remember where you were and what you did.]

april 30 - Copy

[We awoke under the bridge in Markbreit, though it was not readily apparent what or where Markbreit was?  This was technically just a drop-off point for those (most) taking a bus trip to Rothenburg.  This was our one and only (though Pam and Tom took many) optional tour – because everyone advised we had to.  And they were right.]

4-30-16-1 - Copy

4-30-16-2 - Copy

[While we bused to Rothenburg, the boat went on to Wurzburg where we would all meet up again in the afternoon.  Here’s another field of rapeseed.]

4-30-16-3 - Copy

[After copious Google research, I have reason to believe this is Giebelstadt Army Airfield. It was specifically noted by our tour guide and here’s what I found out:  Giebelstadt airfield is an airfield 16 kilometers/10 miles south of Wurzburg in Bavaria, Germany.  Without a doubt Giebelstadt is one of the airfields in Germany with the richest traditions.  Construction of the airfield began in the summer of 1934 as the Höhenflugzentrale Deutsche Verkehrsfliegerschule (High Flight Center German Airline Pilot School).  The official name was a camouflage, as Germany was not permitted to have an air force under the Versailles Treaty.  After being turned over to the German government in 2006, Giebelstadt Airfield has become a commercial airport used by general aviation aircraft.  After the closure of the airfield it was found that there were more than 200 unexploded ordinances within the range of the unmarried barracks and its surrounding grounds.  What remains of the airfields historical buildings is varied.  Due to the frequent wartime bombing attacks, much of the wartime airfield was destroyed.  (After an original idea by Paul Freeman.First published 7 Nov 2010. This collection of airfields is © 2010 – 2016 RonaldV)]

4-30-16-5 - Copy

[Yup, just like home – a deer stand.  They were ubiquitous along our route through Germany.]

4-30-16-6 - Copy

rothenburg - Copy

rothenburg-1 - Copy

[Rothenburg, we are here!]

4-30-16-7 - Copy

[From our boat’s “Daily”:  The best preserved medieval town in Germany, Rothenburg perfectly fits the notion of romance  [along our just traveled “Romance Road”].  Scarcely changed in appearance for hundreds of years, it’s an exceptionally pretty town.  If you’re feeling fit, walk the 1.5-mile wall that encircles . . . (the city’s Middle Ages architecture).  The wall connects five medieval gates, complete with guard towers that date from the 13th to 16th centuries.]

4-30-16-8 - Copy

4-30-16-9 - Copy

[Off the bus and ready for adventure.]

4-30-16-10 - Copy

[You are here ‘X’!]

4-30-16-11 - Copy

[The Viking Aegir unleashes its passengers on an unsuspecting village.]

4-30-16-12 - Copy

[Pam shoots the “handwriting on the wall.”  John no doubt noted the “WC” sign over his head.  The first task, always, is to locate your water closets!]

4-30-16-13 - Copy

[Creep down the alleyway . . . (Simon and Garfunkel’s “Somewhere They Can’t Find Me”)]

4-30-16-14 - Copy

[Hey, “Rock Cafe”]

4-30-16-15 - Copy

[Ach du lieber!  Well, that’s about the extent of my German, danke.]

4-30-16-16 - Copy

[The Super is excited – a wine bottle tree.]

4-30-16-17 - Copy

4-30-16-18 - Copy

[The traffic on the city streets was horrendous!]

4-30-16-19 - Copy

[St. James Church (a church we never entered?)]

4-30-16-20 - Copy

[Shooting Pam shooting something . . . ]

4-30-16-21 - Copy

[Well, how would you like to wake up in the morning to find a gaggle of old Germans ambling down your street?]

4-30-16-22 - Copy

[The Super says guten tag to Heinrich and Bertha.]

4-30-16-23 - Copy

[Town Hall in City Center . . . ]

4-30-16-24 - Copy

4-30-16-25 - Copy

[And other City Center stuff . . . ]

4-30-16-26 - Copy

[The Clock Tower (I remember this because it has a clock).]

4-30-16-27 - Copy

4-30-16-28 - Copy

[A neat pedestal in City Center.  There probably is a further explanation somewhere.]

4-30-16-29 - Copy

[The Super’s head’s on a swivel.]

4-30-16-30 - Copy

[Here’s 4 of the Super’s efforts in City Center (her tablet was starting to fail on the right side of her photos).]





[We’re heading down this street to the Burggarten (that little nose sticking out to the west on the map.]

4-30-16-31 - Copy

[Something captures the Super’s fancy.]

4-30-16-33 - Copy

4-30-16-34 - Copy

[A/k/a, the Rainbow Rider]

4-30-16-35 - Copy

4-30-16-36 - Copy

[A glance back at a receding City Center.]

4-30-16-37 - Copy

[Our guide (red strap), who was excellent, releases us to our own devices.]

4-30-16-38 - Copy

[A side street to an overlook along the city wall.]

4-30-16-39 - Copy

[Another clock tower (again, the clock is a dead give away), this the entrance to the Burggarten.]

4-30-16-40 - Copy

4-30-16-41 - Copy

[The Super checking out play dates and show times.]

4-30-16-42 - Copy

[One last archway]

4-30-16-43 - Copy

[And we’re in – a quite lovely garden indeed!]

4-30-16-44 - Copy

[I stand corrected – our guide is still with us.  I believe now he said meander on your own.]

4-30-16-46 - Copy

[Helen shoots back at whence we came.]

4-30-16-47 - Copy

[The trees were more than a couple years old.]

4-30-16-48 - Copy

[And the back side of the clock tower from inside the garden.]

4-30-16-49 - Copy

[A building made of stone.  Both the building and the stones were quite old.]

4-30-16-50 - Copy

[A now a view of the town and its vicinity from the surrounding wall.]

4-30-16-51 - Copy

4-30-16-52 - Copy

4-30-16-53 - Copy


4-30-16-54 - Copy

[Gorgeous, part zwei]

4-30-16-55 - Copy

4-30-16-56 - Copy

4-30-16-57 - Copy

[A sommerlinde (summer lime) tree – quite large!]

4-30-16-58 - Copy

4-30-16-59 - Copy

4-30-16-60 - Copy

[How green is my valley?]

4-30-16-61 - Copy

[And then we all just strolled on our own . . . ]

4-30-16-62 - Copy

4-30-16-63 - Copy

4-30-16-64 - Copy

4-30-16-65 - Copy

4-30-16-66 - Copy

4-30-16-67 - Copy

4-30-16-68 - Copy

4-30-16-69 - Copy

[And 2 of the Super’s in the garden (hug a summer lime!)]



[Coming out of the garden to the “stockyards.”]

4-30-16-70 - Copy

[Dr. Kiehne oversees the photography of a small child.]

4-30-16-72 - Copy

[What happens if you have negative things to say about bratwurst.]

4-30-16-74 - Copy

4-30-16-73-1 - Copy

4-30-16-74-2 - Copy

[When I bust outa here, gonna have an Oscar Mayer weiner!]

4-30-16-75 - Copy

4-30-16-76 - Copy

[OK, maybe it wasn’t about bratwurst.]

4-30-16-77 - Copy

[Mmmmmm, pretzels and other goodies!]

4-30-16-78 - Copy

[Had to hustle the Super past this lest she became distracted.]

4-30-16-79 - Copy

[And now it was time to walk the wall.]

4-30-16-80 - Copy

[Up we go – the stairs were steep and narrow.]

4-30-16-81 - Copy

[And now we’re on top.]

4-30-16-82 - Copy

4-30-16-83 - Copy

[Claustrophobia and acrophobia came into play here (as you’ll recall from past readings, that’s fear of Santa Claus and acrobats).]

4-30-16-84 - Copy

[Look inward at the city – there’s St. James Church.]

4-30-16-85 - Copy

[Tom and Pam do a little wall hugging.]

4-30-16-86 - Copy

4-30-16-87 - Copy

[Ohhhh, my knees!]

4-30-16-88 - Copy

[Once off the wall, we split – first to find WC’s, then some went shopping and some went back to City Center (as instructed by our guide).]

4-30-16-89 - Copy

[A stork nest in an antenna.]

4-30-16-90 - Copy

[Back to the relative safety of City Center.]

4-30-16-91 - Copy

4-30-16-91-1 - Copy

[We were all separated and were suppose to meet here before going to lunch.]

4-30-16-92 - Copy

[But the Super never came back?  She ran into Violeta (remember, our program director)    while shopping and was directed directly to our restaurant.  I was eventually so advised and had to run (?) to catch up to the group!]

4-30-16-93 - Copy

[And where she was . . . ]



[Said restaurant]


4-30-16-94 - Copy

[Not Oscar Mayer weiners.]

4-30-16-95 - Copy

[Could it be . . . strudel?]

4-30-16-96 - Copy

4-30-16-97 - Copy

[Did everybody get enough to eat?]

4-30-16-98-1 - Copy

[And now it’s time to return to the bus, and Wurzburg, and the boat . . . ]

4-30-16-99 - Copy

4-30-16-100 - Copy

[Good-bye, Rothenburg, its been good to know you!]

4-30-16-101 - Copy

If you hate what you’re seeing, you call it sex and violence. If you like it, you call it “romance and adventure.”  ~ Joe Bob Briggs

Up Next:  Whatever will be, will be.

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