Camp III

August 1

[Favorite part of the day, going down for breakfast with a bright sun shining on the Sunfish sails.]

8-1-16-1 - Copy

8-1-16-2 - Copy

8-1-16-3 - Copy

[The first class The Biddies were able to drag me off for – line dancing . . . ]

8-1-16-4 - Copy

8-1-16-5 - Copy

[In short order, our instructor, Payton, advised The Biddies to never bring me to another dance class – that I’m a menace to myself and anyone else on the dance floor.]

8-1-16-6 - Copy

8-1-16-7 - Copy

[Ed, Rita’s in-law (spouse of Elke; father of Chris who’s the husband to Rita’s Beth), cut quite the dashing figure on the dance floor.]

8-1-16-8 - Copy

[Then I was saved by the dinner bell.  Here the aforementioned Scott, with Vickie, explains to the Super the proper hand movements in line dancing.  Touch your finger tips together and try not to stick your thumbs in your nostrils . . . ]

8-1-16-9 - Copy

[Then the Queen of Sheba’s pontoon motored by.]

8-1-16-10 - Copy

8-1-16-11 - Copy

[The mess hall counselors had perfected the art of carrying dirty glasses single file.  I can report that the young man facing the camera is the chef’s grandson and hopes to go to the University of Minnesota.]

8-1-16-12 - Copy

August 2

[And my second favorite morning vision is of fog over the lake . . . ]

8-2-16-1 - Copy

8-2-16-2 - Copy

8-2-16-3 - Copy

8-2-16-4 - Copy

[The Lodge, across the patio from the mess hall.]

8-2-16-5 - Copy

[Waterfront, with the three new Hobi Cats, soon to be favorites of The Biddies.]

8-2-16-6 - Copy

8-2-16-7 - Copy

[Stairway to the clouds . . . ]

8-2-16-8 - Copy

8-2-16-9 - Copy

8-2-16-10-1 - Copy

[Ye Olde Swimming Hole]

8-2-16-11 - Copy

8-2-16-12 - Copy

[Where we read and ponder the universe.  The mess hall on the left; the Sputh Round House on the right, where the early birds get coffee before the mess hall opens.]

8-2-16-13 - Copy

8-2-16-14 - Copy

[Chipmunks and squirrels help clear the detritus after meals.]

8-2-16-16 - Copy

[Katie taking launch on a Sunfish.  Her relationship to our group is as a close personal granddaughter-type friend of Rita, and she comes to camp whenever she can.]

8-2-16-17 - Copy

8-2-16-18 - Copy

8-2-16-19 - Copy

[Now an experienced camp-trained sailor.]

8-2-16-20 - Copy

[The Biddies begin their relationship with the Hobi Cat.]

8-2-16-21 - Copy

8-2-16-22 - Copy

8-2-16-24 - Copy

8-2-16-25 - Copy

[And there they go!]

8-2-16-26 - Copy

8-2-16-27 - Copy

[Sunfishers returning to port, where waterfront staff attempts to catch them before they take out the front row of Adirondack chairs.]

8-2-16-28 - Copy

[5th-year campers, Phyllis and Jack, both doctors of geology at Austin Peay University.  They were probably the first non-IUers to enroll in camp when it was opened up to the general public.]

8-2-16-29 - Copy

8-2-16-29 - Copy

[Jack’s recent book.]

jack's book

8-2-16-31-1 - Copy

[After 5 years of sailing practice at camp, this year they became the regatta winners.]

8-2-16-32 - Copy

8-2-16-33 - Copy

[The waterfront person here, Anne, is a camp legacy.  Her parents have been bringing her here every year so we’ve watched her grow up.  Now she’s a sophomore to be at Kent State and a camp counselor.]

8-2-16-34 - Copy

8-2-16-35 - Copy

[Here come The Biddies, hopefully for a soft landing!]

8-2-16-35-1 - Copy

8-2-16-36-1 - Copy

8-2-16-37 - Copy

8-2-16-38 - Copy

[Safely aground!]

8-2-16-39 - Copy

[This was adult dinner night.  Send all the kids into town to bowling alley with a few bucks in their hands, and the adults were free to do whatever it is adults do, thus unencumbered?]

8-2-16-40 - Copy

[Rita, Beth, Ruthie, Elke, and Vickie]

8-2-16-41-1 - Copy

8-2-16-42-1 - Copy

[Their reverie was broken by the appearance of specimens with a Y chromosome.]

8-2-16-43-1 - Copy

8-2-16-46 - Copy

[And we hadn’t even opened the wine yet?]

8-2-16-48 - Copy

I hate camping, but I love summer camp.  ~   Zooey Deschanel

Up Next:  More camp . . .

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