Yes, We Had Perfect Weather

Where once it never rained till after sundown . . .

July 2

By eight a.m. the morning fog had flown, Don’t let it be forgot, That once there was a spot, For one brief shining moment that was known,  As Camelot.  [And thus was true, for well over a month, as I recall.  True to Camelot, it ended on the a.m. of Sunday, July 10, when it rained from 1:30 to about 6:00, and then became a another sunny day.  But we really needed the rain – 1.77 officially in Alexandria.  Today, July 11, we’re having storms all day.]

[No plans for the holiday weekend – just sit on the deck and watch the world go by. Besides, the Super has already lined up the next great adventure, before I’ve even blogged half of the last one!]

7-2-16-1 - Copy

7-2-16-1-1 - Copy

7-2-16-2 - Copy

7-2-16-3 - Copy

July 3

[OK, it was such another great day we had to go out. The Purdy River Band came all the way from Cedar Rapids, a 6-hour drive, and if you remember your elementary school geography, it means they had to cross a state line (and if either state had done a BREXIT, passports would have been required). Chuck on guitar and lead vocals, Beth on bass, Dave on banjo, and Brian on mandolin. Brian appears to be touched by the light of the Great Spirit late in the performance? The Super went because they had brick oven pizza!]

7-3-16-1 - Copy

7-3-16-2 - Copy

7-3-16-3 - Copy

7-3-16-4 - Copy

7-3-16-5 - Copy

7-3-16-6 - Copy

7-3-16-8 - Copy

7-3-16-9 - Copy

July 4

[Just a comfy 4th with A Capitol Fourth on the tube (after all those years being there live).]

7-4-16-1 - Copy

7-4-16-2 - Copy

7-4-16-3 - Copy

7-4-16-4 - Copy

7-4-16-5 - Copy

7-4-16-7 - Copy

7-4-16-10 - Copy

7-4-16-14 - Copy

7-4-16-16 - Copy

7-4-16-21 - Copy

7-4-16-25 - Copy

7-4-16-27 - Copy

7-4-16-28 - Copy

7-4-16-31 - Copy

7-4-16-32-1 - Copy

7-4-16-34-1 - Copy

[Mom? This was the stock photo with the Strib editorial today. Consider the fluttering flag to be her ponytail, it sure looks like Natalia?]


July 5

[Lest you missed the sunrise . . . it looked like The End of Times. Bright Orange Crush sky, which, unfortunately, digital cameras can’t quite capture . . . . ]

7-5-16-1 - Copy

7-5-16-2 - Copy

[Photo from Theatre L’Homme Dieu: ‘River: A Tribute to Three Legendary Female Songwriters’. The music and stories of Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and Carly Simon.]


[From the TLHD website:  This show will take you on a journey back to the women’s music movement of the ‘60s and 70’s when Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, and the prolific Carole King sang of first kisses, heartaches, prom, weddings, and other life experiences. Twin Cities performers Rachel Holder-Hennig, Deb Brown, and Jana Anderson sing “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,” “Natural Woman,” and “Both Sides Now.” Lush vocal harmonies and an amazing all-star band bring the songs, stories, and memories together in this unforgettable tribute. July 5th thru July 10th, 2016.

OK, this was from our generation. And I remember thinking during the show that these women, at the forefront of women writing and performing their own music, are all in their 70’s now. And then thinking, OMG, where did the time go? But surely everybody knows their music . . . says someone who also arrived on the planet in the 40’s. Turns out for some millennials in the crowd, tain’t necessarily so. But then I’ve never heard of anyone who’s been nominated for or won a Grammy in the last 30 years. But this was the culmination of a terrific run for the Theatre – the Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young; and Neil Diamond covers; and now this. See it, you’ll like it, even if you’ve never heard of them before! It’s classic rock ‘n roll (well, maybe just rock . . . and OK, some folk tossed in).]

7-5-16-3 - Copy

July 6

[Here comes the sun . . . diddle, diddle . . . ]

7-6-16-1 - Copy

7-6-16-2 - Copy

7-6-16-3 - Copy

7-6-16-4 - Copy

7-6-16-5 - Copy

7-6-16-6 - Copy

7-6-16-7 - Copy

[Last seen leaving Wednesday fine dining at the AGC.]

7-6-16-1 - Copy

7-6-16-2 - Copy

[And then off to Arrowwood, passing by Zorbaz and Bug-A-Boo Bay and their incoming boat traffic on Lake Le Homme Dieu along the way.]

7-6-16-3 - Copy

7-6-16-4 - Copy

7-6-16-5 - Copy

7-6-16-6 - Copy

7-6-16-7 - Copy

7-6-16-8 - Copy

7-6-16-9 - Copy

[“America” was playing on the Super’s car radio.]

7-6-16-10 - Copy

[And Professor Miltich was back with us again.]

7-6-16-11 - Copy

7-6-16-12 - Copy

7-6-16-13 - Copy

[Gotta give the Super credit. She said, “Look at all the blues!” as we sat on the Arrowwood deck overlooking beautiful Lake Darling.]

7-6-16-14 - Copy

[Nothing to do with preceding events.  Danny brought this back from the Harn to show how many patriotic slogans this iconic All-American beer, now owned by Belgians, could fit on its labels.]

7-6-16-8 - Copy

7-6-16-9 - Copy

July 8

[As exclaimed (on several occasions) by Mitch Sterling and the Superfriends of Soul during the first Music in the Gardens performance this season, “Beautiful weather, beautiful venue!” A 6-week run of incredible weather (don’t tell anyone!) continued through the evening as this Minneapolis group was terrific in their first ever performance in Alex. On the way out, did you notice the North Broadway makeover going on between 3rd and Lake Agnes?]

7-8-16-1 - Copy

7-8-16-2 - Copy

7-8-16-3 - Copy

7-8-16-4 - Copy

7-8-16-8 - Copy

7-8-16-11-1 - Copy

7-8-16-15-1 - Copy

7-8-16-16 - Copy

7-8-16-16-1 - Copy

7-8-16-17-1 - Copy

7-8-16-18 - Copy

7-8-16-20-1 - Copy

7-8-16-21 - Copy

7-8-16-23 - Copy

July 9

[Checking out the new North Broadway by daylight,  a fix up destined to fit a Big Ole Park makeover.]

7-9-16-1 - Copy

7-9-16-2 - Copy

7-9-16-3 - Copy

7-9-16-4 - Copy

7-9-16-4-1 - Copy

[Then back to the winery for the Salty Dogs.]

7-9-16-5 - Copy

[The birds were perfectly separated on the wire until the guy/gal on the left moved a bit closer to his/her neighbor.]

7-9-16-5-1 - Copy

[Greg, Erik, and Tom strike up the band.]

7-9-16-6 - Copy

7-9-16-7 - Copy

7-9-16-8 - Copy

[Helen and John, we have your gift flashdrive of the Europe trip from Pam!]

7-9-16-9 - Copy

July 10

[I find the older I get the more I enjoy the simpler things in life. Take yesterday, for example. Classmate Brad and I decided to take a ride on the roller coaster at Carlos Creek Winery. What’s that you say? Carlos Creek doesn’t have a roller coaster? Never mind.]

7-10-16-1 - Copy

7-10-16-2 - Copy

7-10-16-3 - Copy

7-10-16-4 - Copy

[Where the “roller coaster” is in relation to the Super, the truck, and band shell.]

7-10-16-6 - Copy

[Why it’s Professor Miltich again!]

7-10-16-7 - Copy

7-10-16-8 - Copy

7-10-16-9 - Copy

7-10-16-10 - Copy

[And then the Super reached into our pet elephant’s trunk and pulled out our next cruise.]

IMG_5440 - Copy

au-nz trip '17

Our first day at a resort my wife and I decided to hit the beach. When I went back to our room to get something to drink, one of the hotel maids was making our bed. I grabbed my cooler and was on my way out when I paused and asked, “Can we drink beer on the beach?”  “Sure,” she said, “but I have to finish the rest of the rooms first.”  ~  Louis Allard

Up Next:  I know, I know – Europe.

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2 Responses to Yes, We Had Perfect Weather

  1. G. says:

    Ewwww, I don’t like those white poles sticking out of the road to make way for the bike lanes. They are an eyesore. Trust me, I have seen what happens to them. They get hit by cars, are bent, broken, discolored and end up lying on the ground in places. Not a good idea. Just my opinion.

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