“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Budapest” (Revisited)

We are going to momentarily take you back to the glorious days of yesteryear, i.e., our trip’s beginnings in Budapest, to enjoy the photographic stylings of another member of our team, Pam Mathison.  Not only will it give you the opportunity to view our adventure through the ‘eye’ of another, but it gives me the opportunity to perform on the other side of the camera (mais oui bien sur!).  So, with somewhat further adieu, a much needed retrospective? . . .

[Our first night dining in Budapest.  We all went for the special.]

IMG_5310 - Copy

[Our first day involved a train trip to Szentendre – and the open air ethnographic museum, Skanzen.]

IMG_5466 - Copy

[Peeking in the windows of the inn (fogado) to see if anyone was there . . . ]

IMG_5524 - Copy

[We were pinched for Peeping Tom-ism!]

IMG_5524-1 - Copy

[Fortunately, Pam and Tom were able to bail us out. Here they’re raising the gates for our freedom!]

IMG_5536 - Copy

IMG_5536-1 - Copy

[Whew, after that we need a pastry!  As I recall, I got a poppyseed – which may have given me a false positive drug test?]

IMG_5540 - Copy

[Approaching buildings more gingerly now . . . ]

IMG_5650 - Copy

[The Super eyeballs the windmill – the sun eyeballs the top of my head (yup, it was a sunburn day).]

IMG_5747 - Copy

[Ahhh, shade!]

IMG_5759 - Copy

[This looks like the prelude to a showdown in a spaghetti western?]

IMG_5801 - Copy

[C’mon out, you cowards!]

IMG_5801-1 - Copy

[Oh, it’s just a wine cave!]

IMG_5817 - Copy

IMG_5818 - Copy

[I think I found the tracks back!]

IMG_5903 - Copy

[Hi!  We’re on the train back to Budapest.  And the top of my head will be peeling by morning.]

IMG_5928-1 - Copy

[And then a jump to Buda Castle and the Hungarian National Gallery.]

IMG_6907 - Copy

[Here’s where the plot thickens . . . I lost my watch here, on that blue cushioned bench.  I took it off and put it next to my camera while we had lunch.  I only remembered the camera when we left . . . ]

IMG_7004 - Copy

[What time should we all meet up back here to look for Tom’s watch?]

IMG_7008 - Copy

[OMG . . . Kim Kardashian?]

IMG_7060 - Copy

[These two people had so many military top secret clearances between them that if we would have discovered what they were up to, we would have all been disappeared!]

IMG_7066 - Copy

[In the absence of a Stairmaster.]

IMG_7074 - Copy

IMG_7074-1 - Copy

[Coming in for a landing at the Hungarian National Museum.]

IMG_7165 - Copy

[Does anyone know where we are?]

IMG_7191 - Copy

[Aha, this looks familiar – we’re heading back to the funicular.]

IMG_7371 - Copy

[And now with our tour group at Heroes’ Square.]

IMG_8517 - Copy

IMG_8517-1 - Copy

IMG_8518 - Copy

[Our first dinner together on the boat.]

IMG_8878 - Copy

[Tom and I took all the “college prep” math courses together in high school.  Here we relive our discovery of the circle!]

IMG_9409-1 - Copy

Thanks, Pam!!

Hungarian guys don’t say to one another, “That chick is a 10.”  They say “Az egy bombanő.” (That’s a bomb woman.)

Up Next:  Maybe Passau?

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