“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Budapest” (Day 6)

April 23

~ Cruising to Vienna

april 23 - Copy

[If you’re gonna be on the water, you gotta play by the rules.  It’s like being on an airplane, you have to watch the safety program on your room TV (and you can’t get anything else until you do), and then join the rest of the passengers in practicing your designated escape route.]

4-23-16-1 - Copy

[And this was the day we learned . . . ]

prince - Copy

[Looks like a metro area ahead.  And it looks like we left the sun in Budapest.]

4-23-16-2 - Copy

4-23-16-3 - Copy

[And indeed – we’re passing though Bratislava, capital of Slovakia.]

4-23-16-4 - Copy

[Apollo Bridge, opened in 2005]

4-23-16-5 - Copy

4-23-16-6 - Copy

[Ahead on the hill, what we were told is the “upside-down table” castle. The thought is that the four spires on each corner look like table legs?  It’s called Bratislava Castle, oddly enough.]

4-23-16-7 - Copy

[A statue of an airman on a new waterfront area – could find no info about it?]

4-23-16-8 - Copy

4-23-16-9 - Copy

[Bratislava, about the same size as Minneapolis, appears to be booming.]

4-23-16-10 - Copy

4-23-16-11 - Copy

[Novy Most (New Bridge), seems they have a lot of new bridges here!]

4-23-16-12 - Copy

[Looks like some river boats make this a designated stop.]

4-23-16-13 - Copy

4-23-16-13-1 - Copy

4-23-16-14 - Copy

4-23-16-15 - Copy

[Swiss radar . . . runs like a clock.]

4-23-16-17 - Copy

[UFO Cafe atop Novy Most]

4-23-16-18 - Copy

4-23-16-19 - Copy

4-23-16-20 - Copy

[Nice to know if there’s an outdoor grill, there will be Gril Music?]

4-23-16-20-1 - Copy

4-23-16-21 - Copy

[Good-bye, Bratislava . . . ]

4-23-16-22 - Copy

[Hello, safety practice!]

4-23-16-23 - Copy

[Dr. Kiehne, ever the experimenting engineer, decided to see if his jacket would fit over his life preserver.  Et, voila!]

4-23-16-24-1 - Copy

4-23-16-25 - Copy

[We will be soon hitting a stretch of river where there are castles on every hill top.]

4-23-16-26 - Copy

4-23-16-27 - Copy

[This is Hainburg.  I know that because that’s what it says on the sign.]

4-23-16-28 - Copy

[Practicing river rescues – a strong current here made look very difficult.]

4-23-16-29 - Copy

[DJ’s Tap House & Grill in Alex?]

4-23-16-30 - Copy

4-23-16-31 - Copy

[Dr. Kiehne believes we may be approaching Vienna, if not nirvana.]

4-23-16-32 - Copy

[It’s looking like some place big time.]

4-23-16-33 - Copy

[Time to head outside for better vantages.]

4-23-16-34 - Copy

4-23-16-35 - Copy

4-23-16-36 - Copy

[Vienna, we have arrived!]

4-23-16-37 - Copy

4-23-16-38 - Copy

[The portside is modern Vienna.]

4-23-16-39 - Copy

[We would spend the night here.  Pam and Tom, ever opting for our options, went into town for Mozart and Strauss concert – I think the rest of us caught up on our reading.]

4-23-16-40 - Copy

Addendum:  Just for fun from the internet . . . the Bratislava Paparazzi!  (Of course, technically, it should be “paparazzo,” the singular.)

bratislava paparazzi

bratislava statue2

bratislava statue3

It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent.  ~ Dave Barry

Up Next:  Josie?

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