And Then Back Home Again . . .

We arrived home Friday night after a 13-hour, 802.6 miles, door-to-door, drive from Nashville, Indiana, to Lake Darling.  We pooped out Saturday until that evening . . .

[Apparently at some point while we were roaming the universe, this took place at Sixth Avenue Wine & Ale. One of the participants, who shall remain nameless, called it a “great” or “unforgettable” evening (I can’t remember which and I really don’t feel like looking it up).  Photos on loan from somebody’s FB page.]




May 21

[A perfect Chamber of Commerce day as Danny enjoys the 72 degree sunshine.]

5-21-16-1 - Copy

[We received an e-mail from the Boy Tenor some time around 6:30 with a “missing u at” missive.  The Salty Dogs were playing at SAWA.  It wasn’t on the calendar?  But we made it just in the nick of time.  Early on, the boys were abetted in their musical stylings by Father Steve of the Catholic church.]

5-21-16-2 - Copy

5-21-16-3 - Copy

5-21-16-4 - Copy

5-21-16-5 - Copy

5-21-16-6 - Copy

5-21-16-7 - Copy

[We came home to a full moon over beautiful Lake Darling.]

5-21-16-11 - Copy

5-21-16-13 - Copy


May 22

[The Camp Ballentine Owens returned to the shores of beautiful Lake Darling at a time when we were absent from the shores of beautiful Lake Darling.  To her everlasting credit, Mary came to the symphony all by herself, as in alone.  “Crazy Dave” stayed home to watch some baseball team named the Indians on TV. Knowing this was a very weak excuse, he further posited that classical music exacerbates his GI tract distress.  This made absolutely no sense to me . . . but then, why should it?  Oh, and the symphony was wonderful – these folks play their instruments with the same pizzazz and elan with which I butter my artisan bread toast!]

clso - Copy

clso2 - Copy

clso3 - Copy

[Next year’s schedule – be there – it’ll be fun – aloha!]

clso4 - Copy

[Immediately after the symphony, we bolted (as only we can bolt) to the winery to catch, once again, the Salty Dogs. Since fiddler Greg is the president of and a violin player in the symphony, he could not be two places at once.  It’s hard to get the whole group together at one time, but Annie wowed on the accordion again!  🙂     ]

5-22-16-1 - Copy

[Yes, at no time did Erik or Tom ever smile, taking their work very seriously!]

5-22-16-2-1 - Copy

5-22-16-3 - Copy

[This number will become significant later this summer . . . ]

5-22-16-4 - Copy

[Finally, the winery was celebrating their makeover of the tasting room.  The performance stage will now be in the corner where the deli currently is – I believe the deli will be removed and that wall extended.  Seating capacity will increase from 65 to 95.  Looks good, eh?]

5-22-16-5 - Copy

5-22-16-6 - Copy

5-22-16-7 - Copy

5-22-16-8 - Copy

5-22-16-9 - Copy

5-22-16-10 - Copy

On coming home:  A girl called me once and said come over, nobody is home.  I went there and she was right, nobody was home.  ~  Hussein Nishah

Up Next:  Busy week . . . Memorial Day weekend, lots o’ music!

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