Nashville (The Real One!)

May 16

[Indiana, that is!  After Noblesville, it was time to visit the Super’s sister, Rita.  We were shocked, shocked as we drove up to her place to find a new house on the neighboring lot that had been vacant since Reetz moved into her classic square log home in 1972!  An 88-year old widower bought the lot and built a too modern house for this artist community. Oh, poopie butt!]

5-16-16-1 - Copy

5-16-16-2 - Copy

5-16-16-3 - Copy

[When I say artist community, I mean artist community.  For a town of 1,000, it has a ginormous art gallery – let’s take a visit with The Biddies.]

5-16-16-5 - Copy

5-16-16-6 - Copy

[It had just featured our old friend and Rita’s long-time neighbor, Bill Zimmerman.  Bill died in November 2011 – hard to believe it was that long ago.  His wife Judy still lives down the street and dropped by for a visit our first night here.]

5-16-16-7 - Copy

[Reetz begins a stroll around . . . ]

5-16-16-8 - Copy

[And we didn’t know “Crazy Dave” had it in him?]

5-16-16-9 - Copy

[And here Reetz is looking over the works of another artist friend from the area, David Dale.]

5-16-16-10 - Copy

5-16-16-11 - Copy

[I guess this is self-explanatory?]

5-16-16-13 - Copy

[And now the Super on a walkabout.]

5-16-16-14 - Copy

5-16-16-15 - Copy

5-16-16-16 - Copy

[And this is the Zimmerman studio collection.  Reetz has three of his originals.]

5-16-16-18 - Copy

5-16-16-19 - Copy

5-16-16-20 - Copy

5-16-16-21 - Copy

5-16-16-22 - Copy

5-16-16-23 - Copy

5-16-16-24 - Copy

[The place is huge (or is it “yuge”?)!]

5-16-16-25 - Copy

[The Biddies with Zimmerman bears.]

5-16-16-26 - Copy

5-16-16-27 - Copy

[And back outside where the facility fits the areas nature theme.]

5-16-16-28 - Copy

[Then it was decided we needed some wine after our art tour.  And yes, the front door was hit by a guy in his car!]

5-16-16-30 - Copy

5-16-16-29 - Copy

5-16-16-29-1 - Copy

[A photo from at least 6  years ago – Reetz with the Dales on her right and the Zimmermans on her left.]


[And the Super and I enjoy three Zimmerman owl prints at home.  Bill also did the duck mobile.  🙂  ]


My absolute favorite meal in Nashville is sweet-potato pancakes at Pancake Pantry.  ~ Taylor Swift

Up Next:  One would think Europe?

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