Cardinals – 54, St. Cloud Tech – 25

February 22

[Always in time to catch a bit of the JV action.]

2-22-16-1 - Copy

[Alison Amundson (3) on the free throw line.]

2-22-16-2 - Copy

[Drat, can’t see a number – probably should put the number on their trunks as they are otherwise oft obscured by ponytails. Don’t they have laws against that in car licensing?]

2-22-16-3 - Copy

[Another big win for the JV!]

2-22-16-4 - Copy

[Do you know what’s red and smells like blue paint?]

2-22-16-5 - Copy

[Red paint!!]

2-22-16-6 - Copy

[OK, which direction are we going?]

2-22-16-7 - Copy

[The redoubtable Ms Alli Haar (standing, gray jacket), from our last state tournament team.  Probably time we went back again?]

2-22-16-8 - Copy

2-22-16-9 - Copy

[And Kayla Feldhake (43) goes up for the opening tap.]

2-22-16-10 - Copy

2-22-16-11 - Copy

[Somebody get it!!]

2-22-16-12 - Copy

[Emma Ziegler (1) applying full-court pressure.]

2-22-16-13 - Copy

[The 3 guards, Emma with Macy Hatlestad (11) and Kendall Kohler (3) work to prevent any team from ever getting into the front court.]

2-22-16-14 - Copy

2-22-16-15 - Copy

[Macy, “Ole Ms. Automatic,” at the free throw line.]

2-22-16-16 - Copy

[Emma Schmidt (25) tries her hand at the stripe.]

2-22-16-17 - Copy

[As does Kelby Olson-Rodel (13).  Kelby and Kiyana Miller (21) kinda play the same roll for the girls’ team that Jake Drew and Robert Anderson do for the boys.]

2-22-16-18 - Copy

[Macy launches a 3 – probably good!]

2-22-16-19 - Copy

[Zig at the line.]

2-22-16-20 - Copy

[Macy brings it up with Kelby.]

2-22-16-21 - Copy

[Oh well, we can play this game without a ball.]

2-22-16-22 - Copy

[Chalk it up.]

2-22-16-23 - Copy

[Yup, that’s right.  We really weren’t clicking on offense – but nothing wrong with the D!]

2-22-16-24 - Copy

[Kinda like this one.  Kendall and Macy have been paired at guard since their first pair of sneakers.]

2-22-16-25 - Copy

[The trend line that’s helping is seeing such a Zig (here) and Kiyana looking for and taking that mid-range jumper.]

2-22-16-26 - Copy

[Kendall roars into the face of the defense.]

2-22-16-27 - Copy

[Somebody tickles the twine.]

2-22-16-28 - Copy

[The bench stands for unison clapping  as the game closes down.]

2-22-16-29 - Copy

[Not an unexpected result.  With the win, the Cards cliched no worse than a tie for the conference championship.  We host Willmar Friday in the last regular season game – a win will clinch the outright championship.  The Cards are currently ranked 9th in class AAA.]

2-22-16-30 - Copy

What is so fascinating about sitting around watching a bunch of pituitary cases stuff a ball through a hoop?  ~ Woody Allen

Up next:  Boys’ basketball sections

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