Sauk Rapids-Rice (SRR) – 52; Alex – 49

February 16

[9th grade won!]

2-16-16-1 - Copy

[B team won!]


[Varsity tip-off, Cards Alec Wensman (25) against a talented sophomore center for the Storm.]

2-16-16-4 - Copy

2-16-16-5 - Copy

[Where did it go?]

2-16-16-6 - Copy

[Rebound to the sophomore.  The Storm has size like Edina – six players 6’3″ or taller.]

2-16-16-7 - Copy

[Brayden Amundson (23) and Spencer Hockert (15) on the press.]

2-16-16-8 - Copy

[Brayden on the Storm’s star player, Kobe Boraas (31), 6’3″ senior guard.]

2-16-16-9 - Copy

2-16-16-10 - Copy

[Jaran Roste (1) looking for a route for a center cut.]

2-16-16-11 - Copy

2-16-16-11-1 - Copy

[Spencer launches one.]

2-16-16-12 - Copy

[Alec on the line – he was our best option when we could get it into to him, he either scored or was fouled.  But it was tough because of their length in the passing lanes.]

2-16-16-13 - Copy

2-16-16-14 - Copy

[A defensive struggle at the half.]

2-16-16-15 - Copy

[And at the half, the athletes come out to perform.  😉   ]

2-16-16-16 - Copy

2-16-16-17 - Copy

2-16-16-18 - Copy

[Spencer to Jaran . . . or is it the other way around?  The winner gets a bran muffin.]

2-16-16-19 - Copy

[Jaran looking for drive against Boraas.  E-mail:  Our Cardinal high schoolers were sitting in the first two rows on the court in front of us – one of them smoothly says to Boraas, “That’s a nice tattoo, what is that . . . a lion’s head?”  [OK, I had to laugh.]   Well, early in the game he came down court and put up a shot literally from 10 feet outside the 3-point line – my thought was did the kid think he was on a shot clock?  Of course, it missed.  Later he stole the ball, drove down court, a Cardinal went up to contest him, and he windmilled dunked on him!  Later yet, he fired up another shot from 10 feet (not exaggerating) beyond the arc – swish!  Yea, the kid could play – put a cool 30 points on us.]

2-16-16-20 - Copy

2-16-16-20-1 - Copy

[Jaran wending his way – he and Spencer were getting into the lane as usual.  It’s just that in this game their teardroppers weren’t dropping.  It happens.]

2-16-16-21 - Copy

2-16-16-22 - Copy

[Tough, close lost to a team with a similar record.]

2-16-16-23 - Copy

This just in:  The boys beat Detroit Lakes at home Thursday night, good win, and gives us two over them for the season.  The girls beat SRR by over 30 at their place also on Thursday – that gives us two blowout wins against a team that was 9 – 5 in conference.

They say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you practice makes perfect. I wish they’d make up their minds. ~  Wilt Chamberlain

Up next:  Girls state hockey.

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