High School Girls Rule the Day

When the temperature is double digits below zero, what better way to spend an entire afternoon and evening than with high school girls excelling at their crafts?

[Josie Nelson performing at Carlos Creek Winery on Saturday.  Though still just a junior she plans on pursuing a pre-med major in college.]

1-16-16-2 - Copy

1-16-16-2-1 - Copy


[And her mom’s making videos, too!  🙂  ]

1-16-16-6 - Copy

1-16-16-7 - Copy

1-16-16-8 - Copy

[I mean, seriously folks, is there anything prettier than 10 degrees below zero?]

1-16-16-9 - Copy

[Sped immediately from the winery to the RCC for the girls’hockey game against Detroit Lakes.  We got there in time to see the end of the JV game.  They were terrific again!]

1-16-16-10 - Copy

[I started the game with a video.  Early on our play wasn’t of video quality – OK, just a slow start – so  cut it off.  Here we’re in the Laker zone with Lauren Niska (21) on the point.]

1-16-16-11 - Copy

[A flurry around the Laker zone . . . ]

1-16-16-12 - Copy

1-16-16-13 - Copy

[Do you see the puck . . . where the goalie is looking?]

1-16-16-14 - Copy

[In golf voice-over:  Mari Wosepka (18) is lining up her putt; McKenna Ellingson (24) tries to shoo the Laker from skating on her line!]

1-16-16-15 - Copy

[Somehow the 1st period scoreboard is different from the “official” game report.  I seem to recall 1 – 0 after one, but the game report lists 1st period goals by Alexis Heckert (20) and Niska?  I some how missed both with my camera?]

1-16-16-16 - Copy

[“Rev” (29), there is no substitute.]

1-16-16-17 - Copy

1-16-16-18 - Copy

[Alexis and Mari after the puck . . . ]

1-16-16-19 - Copy

[And their linemate, McKenna joins the activity.]

1-16-16-20 - Copy

[GOOOAAAAALLLLL!   This is likely Sam Klimek’s goal, shone as the first one of the 2nd period.]

1-16-16-21 - Copy

1-16-16-22 - Copy

[After goal face-off, looks like Sam’s line is still out there with Hanah Hansen (11) and . . .]

1-16-16-23 - Copy

[One of the really fun things about being a cub reporter is a moment like this . . . I got this shot of senior McKenna Schroeder (28). I must have been prescient because later McKenna got her first ever varsity goal. And I think I got that where she’s leaping in celebration. When you get down to it, there are few things in life as important and memorable as that first ever varsity goal. They stop the game and present the puck to the bench for the player’s forever keepsake.]

1-16-16-24 - Copy

1-16-16-25 - Copy

[GOOOOAAAAALLLLL!  McKenna’s (Ellingson).]

1-16-16-26 - Copy

1-16-16-27 - Copy

1-16-16-28 - Copy

[Rev moves into the offensive zone.]

1-16-16-29 - Copy

1-16-16-29-1 - Copy

[A shot!  And I’m pretty sure it’s Rev’s, she’s the leftie on the right.  I noticed for the first time before the game that we only have three lefties on the team:  Rev, Allison O’Kane, and Kaia Illies.]

1-16-16-30 - Copy

[It’s a scrum!!  I notice Calley Richardson (7) in this shot.  She’s a JVer, but the JV has been playing so well several have been getting PT with the varsity too – Kaia, Josie Minnerath, probably Talia Olson.]

1-16-16-31 - Copy

[GOOOAAAAALLLL!  But since the official line is different from what I have, I have no idea?  I have Ms. Schroeder up next.  Anyway, it’s too bad because this is destined to be one of my favorite sports photos of the season.]

1-16-16-32 - Copy

1-16-16-32-1 - Copy

[Now here is Ms. Schroeder shooting . . . ]

1-16-16-33 - Copy

[And then celebrating!!]

1-16-16-34 - Copy

[Ms. Ellingson is ridden into the boards . . . can’t remember if it was a penalty.]

1-16-16-35 - Copy

[Ms. Minnerath (6) takes a turn with the varsity.]

1-16-16-36 - Copy

[After period 2, have I covered all the goals?]

1-16-16-37 - Copy

[OK ladies, bring it on home.]

1-16-16-38 - Copy

[Ho-hum . . . TV timeout?]

1-16-16-39 - Copy

[Alexis after the dastardly disc.  She scored again early in the period and Ms. Ellingson followed shortly, again, with a short-handed goal.  So, the two frosh linemates had two goals each.]

1-16-16-40 - Copy

[Kristin on a break . . . ]

1-16-16-41 - Copy

[She shoots . . . and scores!]

1-16-16-42 - Copy

[Here comes the Ellingson, Heckert, Wosepka line again.]

1-16-16-43 - Copy

[Ooooh, a near miss.]

1-16-16-44 - Copy

[A big win.  The shots-on-goal here is deceiving – the Lakers had very few quality shots.]

1-16-16-45 - Copy

[And then as we’re trying to figure out our new in-house computer arrangements, scanned this to see if it worked. This is one of the items that makes me rich, and the Super and I go through several a year.]

fan pass - Copy

Does it disturb anyone else that “The Los Angeles Angels” baseball team translates directly to “The The Angels Angels”?  ~ Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Up next:  Sports, I believe.

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