Happy New Year/Birthday!

alex christmas

alex christmas2

big ole's season's greetings

[A blizzard, a roundabout, the Legion skating rink (?) . . . welcome to Alexandria.]

minnesota blizzard 1888

mn roundabout

legion skating rink

[Nephew Michael John Obert performing at Augsburg.  I believe that’s a cello.]

boo obert 12-9-15

[Uncle Mo w/ his and our grandniece, Liney, in beautiful downtown historic Fredericksburg, Virginia, over the holidays.]

christmas '15-1

christmas '15-2

christmas '15-3

christmas '15-4

christmas '15-5

christmas '15-6

[Liney’s mom, our niece, Kady.]

christmas '15-7

[Aunt Toodie holding Liney’s new baby sister, Charlotte.]

christmas '15-8

[The new sisters . . . ]

liney & charlotte

[A blast from the past.  A seriously funny holiday moment w/ friends Rose and Dick McMullen outside Carlyle Grand Cafe in Shirlington, Virginia.  This Christmas apparition appeared with a schtick that tickled Rose’s funny bone.  I can’t remember the substance, but she played it well – a professional actor?]


[New Year’s Eve, party two for the evening, at Sixth Avenue Wine & Ale.  Al & friends were performing before a packed it house.  Yup, we had fun.  And it was great to see Sami Steidl, who appeared unannounced from Colorado, again – our original Alex musical wunderkind.]

sawa 12-31-15

sawa 12-31-15-2

sawa 12-31-15-3

sawa 12-31-15-4

sawa 12-31-15-5

sawa 12-31-15-6

sawa 12-31-15-7

[New Year’s Eve was the Super’s sister Rita’s birthday.  New Year’s Day is the Super’s!  We begin with her beloved Camp Brosius in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, and continue with her usual assortment of tasteless birthday cards.]

camp brosius





[What every girl wants for her birthday: A bottle of spendy champagne, a box of chocolates, and a light weight, battery-operated hand drill! ]

1-1-16-1 - Copy

1-1-16-3 - Copy

1-1-16-4 - Copy

1-1-16-5-1 - Copy

1-1-16-6-1 - Copy

1-1-16-7-1 - Copy

[So, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday, Ruthie . . . ]

1-1-16-8-1 - Copy

[And don’t let the new year curb your enthusiasm!]

obert curb 11-15-15 grundei

Now there are more overweight people in America than average-weight people. So overweight people are now average… which means, you have met your New Year’s resolution. ~  Jay Leno

Up next:  Not done with Hawaii (by a long shot)!

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