Hawaii (Part VI)

For the Super, it’s all about going to the beach . . .

November 29

[Ever been peed on by a moth? Enjoying a lie down on Roy’s swing chair this morning when I felt water hit my leg. Since the swing has a canopy, I wondered where it came from? Look at the upper left hand side – a moth as big as a Buick! At first I thought it was a bat!  On a lighter note, Roy bought a Google Chromecast yesterday. The three of us spent a couple of hours trying to get it to work this morning. Finally, the Super called Grandson Tom at Purdue and he had us up and running in a couple of minutes! When are they going to make this stuff “senior user friendly”?????  Oh, the Super got the gecko photo!]

11-29-15-1 - Copy

11-29-15-3 - Copy

20151129_151412 - Copy

[Say, would you bring me something cool in a glass – and then massage my feet?]

11-29-15-4 - Copy

11-29-15-6-1 - Copy

11-29-15-7 - Copy

[After a long day circling the island, a day for sticking close to home . . . and visiting Roy’s nearby beach.]

11-29-15-8 - Copy

[Roy grew up in Edinburg, Texas, about 20 miles from Mexico, and went to Pan American University there.  His hat reflects his cultural heritage – half Texican, half Mexican.  His German heritage is reflected in his ability to grill brats.]

11-29-15-9 - Copy

[The beach is called White Sands or Magic Sands.  There’s also a third name I’ve forgotten.]

11-29-15-10 - Copy

11-29-15-11 - Copy

11-29-15-12 - Copy

11-29-15-13 - Copy

11-29-15-14 - Copy

[Hey, how ’bout lunch at Sam Choy’s – great views!]

11-29-15-15 - Copy

11-29-15-16 - Copy

11-29-15-17 - Copy

11-29-15-18 - Copy

11-29-15-19 - Copy

11-29-15-20 - Copy

11-29-15-21 - Copy

11-29-15-22 - Copy

[Roy held some sort of sea creature in his tongs; the Super took a couple of photos below.]

20151129_111938 - Copy

20151129_111925 - Copy

[Then, back home for dinner?  See, I can’t be held solely responsible for my current girth.]

11-29-15-24 - Copy

11-29-15-24-1 - Copy

11-29-15-25 - Copy

11-29-15-26 - Copy


11-29-15-28 - Copy

11-29-15-29 - Copy

11-29-15-30 - Copy

11-29-15-31 - Copy

11-29-15-32 - Copy

11-29-15-33 - Copy

[Too much leg?]

11-29-15-34 - Copy

[Too much schmaltz?]

11-29-15-36 - Copy

[Too much botany?]

11-29-15-39 - Copy

Hey, people who travel with their bed pillow. You look insane.  ~  Jim Gaffigan

Up next:  Girls’ basketball tournament.

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One Response to Hawaii (Part VI)

  1. G. says:

    Looks wonderful. A true paradise. You could probably cruise around on that giant moth. Ewwww!

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