Hawaii (Part III)


[On November 26, we left our comfortable digs at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel on Maui.  We were off to the Big Island for a week with our friend Roy.  No, we were not going by canoe . . . ]



[On the road to the airport in Kahului, we finally got our best view of Haleakala – must have been a spectacular view into the caldera this day!]

11-26-15-1 - Copy 11-26-15-2 - Copy

[Airborne and coming into Kona International Airport on the island of Hawaii.]

11-26-15-3 - Copy 11-26-15-4 - Copy 11-26-15-5 - Copy 11-26-15-6 - Copy 11-26-15-7 - Copy

[They warn you that you’re actually not landing on an alien planet . . . but it is in the midst of a lava field.  And being Hawaii, the airport facility is actually like a carport – no walls!]

11-26-15-8 - Copy 11-26-15-9 - Copy

[The Super and Roy renew acquaintances.  Roy and I go back to when . . . well, they say if God wanted man to serve in the Army, He would have given us green, baggy skin.]

11-26-15-10 - Copy okinawa12-71-55-1gorenaroy

[Roy retired here (from the Department of Labor, just like me) four years ago, and this was our first visit to see him.  He gave us a lovely room . . . ]

11-26-15-11 - Copy 11-26-15-12 - Copy

[Then a tour of his property, about a half acre, with a view of the ocean about a half mile away and 400 feet lower.  This was a day for R & R, i.e., wine and eats.]

11-26-15-23 - Copy 11-26-15-25 - Copy 11-26-15-27 - Copy 11-26-15-28 - Copy 11-26-15-29 - Copy 11-26-15-32 - Copy 11-26-15-33 - Copy 11-26-15-35 - Copy 11-26-15-36 - Copy

Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs.  ~ Susan Sontag

Up next: Again a Hawaii/Christmas toss-up.

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