Boys Win 2; Girls Lose 2 . . . Say Whaaaaa?

Alexandria – 65, Big Lake – 60  

December 22:  Regarding the headline, I don’t ever recall that happening before (basketball and hockey games on the same night)?

[I was there for the end of the JV game.  Quite exciting.  We have two freshman with No. 13 (?).  I believe this one is Trey Hoepner who made the game winning free throws.]

12-22-15-1 - Copy

12-22-15-2 - Copy

12-22-15-3 - Copy

[Brayden Amundson (23), 6’3″ senior, scored the first basket of the varsity game – a ‘3’ if you watched the video.  His grandparents are in the stands right over the top his his head in row 3.  I don’t recall him taking another shot?]

12-22-15-4 - Copy

[Spencer Hockert (15), 6′ junior; Jaran Roste (1), 6’2″ junior; and Brayden on defense.]

12-22-15-5 - Copy

[Alec Wensman (25), 6’7″ senior, on defense, and I believe our leading scorer in the game, many off pic and roll dunks from Roste.]

12-22-15-6 - Copy

[Jake Drew (33), 6’2″ junior, defensive pest.]

12-22-15-7 - Copy

12-22-15-8 - Copy

[Wensman and Roste on defense.]

12-22-15-9 - Copy

[Matt Bloom (3), 6’1″ senior, with the ball in the corner.]

12-22-15-10 - Copy

[The newcomer to the scene is Jeremiah Burnham (5), 6’2″ senior.]

12-22-15-11 - Copy

[And at the free throw line.  Note to coaches . . . this guy needs to play more to shore up your rebounding.  😉   ]

12-22-15-12 - Copy

[We got off to a fast start with Wensman and held a big lead most of the half, but the Hornets closed a bit toward the end.]

12-22-15-13 - Copy

[Has been a Super Fan for . . . well, her entire life!]

12-22-15-15 - Copy

[Hockert has quietly been one of our leading scorers all year.]

12-22-15-16 - Copy

12-22-15-17 - Copy

[Brayden’s proud grandparents . . . and I believe I see a recently retired activities director sitting in front of them!]

12-22-15-18 - Copy

12-22-15-18-1 - Copy

[Gotta give the stripes a little ink every one in a while.]

12-22-15-20 - Copy

[Can you name the two Cardinal stars from the recent past?]    ]

12-22-15-22-1 - Copy

[This is still a hard team to figure.  We’re 7 -3, but have won big and lost big.  In this game we had a 20 point lead halfway through the 2nd half and then had to sweat out the finish.  The Hornets, though the smaller team, got way too many offensive rebounds which fueled their comeback.  And that’s why I’d like to see Burnham in there more to hit the boards.]

12-22-15-23 - Copy

[BTW, on the way to the game I drove by the old Legion parking lot on Broadway.  It’s now asphalt basketball courts and this year for the first time they’ve flooded it for ice skating.  Well, when I drove by it was . . . moving?  It was 33 degrees and the winds were howling.  No ice . . . water, and there were waves, on December 22!  (Echo Press photo)]

legion skating rink

[So, the Super and I were doing our pre-Christmas cleaning this afternoon when she ran across this bottle of cognac.  We brought it from D.C. 14 years ago – there was enough in it for two small snifters?  In a bold move, we decided to polish it off when we were done cleaning.  (She also found a bottle of Polish vodka with even less product in it – party?)]

12-23-15-1 - Copy

The one thing I’ve learned for sure in life is that one and one equals two.  I learned something else too, but I forgot what it was?  ~  Cub Reporter

Up next:  Hawaii . . . or Christmas?

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