Boys Roundball Takes Center Court

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[The Super and I have been on vacation for a couple of weeks (sometimes you just have to get away from the trials and tribulations of retirement). Did you miss us?  We went to a place that was warm and soggy, so upon return home it was nice to receive a present of snow and the onset of lake ice.]

Housekeeping:  Google has taken away the option of mass e-mailings? Thus, I have not been able to send out notice of new postings (the last three?).  I’m working on it, but it appears it will boring and time consuming.

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[We took the red-eye home from Honolulu for the game and . . . we won! Little Falls came to town Saturday night, and I think we were anxious to avenge the defeat the Flyers inflicted on us in last year’s sections.  I’m still trying to catch up but I think our record is now 3 – 1 as we anticipate a pretty good year.]

So, who are these guys . . .

IMG - Copy

12-5-15-1 - Copy

[Why yes, I am sitting higher up than normal . . . ]

12-5-15-2 - Copy

[The Boy Tenor’s son, a/k/a, the ref, flips a coin to determine who will kick-off.  The Cards won the toss and opted to take the wind in the 2nd half.]

12-5-15-3 - Copy

[Is the Cub Reporter taking our picture again?]

12-5-15-4 - Copy

12-5-15-5 - Copy

[Jaran Roste (1), 6’2″ junior is introduced . . . ]

12-5-15-6 - Copy

[Matt Bloom (3), 6’1″ senior]

12-5-15-7 - Copy

[Spencer Hockert (15), 6′ junior]

12-5-15-8 - Copy

[Brayden Amundson (23), 6’3″ senior]

12-5-15-9 - Copy

[And another for the Brauns.]

12-5-15-10 - Copy

[Alec Wensman (25), 6’7″ senior]

12-5-15-11 - Copy

[Coach says to be on the lookout for Kim Kardashian.]

12-5-15-12 - Copy

[Play hard, be good, listen to Mom and Dad, brush your teeth, and be in bed before 10:00!]

12-5-15-13 - Copy

[Jon Mulder prepares to fling the ball toward the rafters . . . ]

12-5-15-14 - Copy

12-5-15-14-1 - Copy

[Where two very tall young men will leap after it.  You will notice in the top photo “The Retired Voice of the Cardinals,” now with Evie, has moved his vantage point to the top of the gym.]

12-5-15-15 - Copy

[The Flyers inbound the ball to a woman occupying the last seat on the bench.  Brayden is aghast!]

12-5-15-16 - Copy

[Here’s Brayden on the point of the defense.  He began the game by hitting two 3’s . . . and his grandparents weren’t even there to see it.]

12-5-15-17 - Copy

[Jaran has a Flyer trapped in the corner . . . well, it certainly appears such.]

12-5-15-18 - Copy

[His father would have been so proud . . . except he was out singing at a Christmas party.]

12-5-15-19 - Copy

[Alec blocks down while Jaran circles the left end.  Jeremiah Burnham (5), 6’2″ senior, fades back to protect the rear flank.]

12-5-15-20 - Copy

[At the half.  What we have learned, sitting with two other learned fans, is the Cards should be pretty competitive this year.  We have good depth and athleticism, and at least early on been hitting a lot of 3’s.  We began this game against the Flyers by hitting I believe 5 of our first 7 3’s and racing out to a big early lead that we maintained all game.  I don’t foresee 3-point shooting as our go to option – that can really come and go. Our strength will be aggressive defense and really pushing the ball on offense. Rebounding may be an issue because of the trapping defense.  OK, there ‘s everything you need to know in a nutshell.]

12-5-15-21 - Copy

[2nd half, Alec comes out for high post defense.  Spencer speeds toward the Flyers pesky No. 5.]

12-5-15-22 - Copy

[Keep an eye on him, Spencer.  At one point in this half, No. 5 hit back-to-back 3’s and then on his next attempt, because he is a high school kid, launched a 3 that went behind the backboard.]

12-5-15-23 - Copy

[Brayden on high post defense . . . ]

12-5-15-24 - Copy

12-5-15-25 - Copy

[And then shooting free throws.  We didn’t shoot many for the game . . . and our percentage was not good.  Apparently we shot better in earlier games.]

12-5-15-26 - Copy

[Jaran shoots a jumper.  He did not shoot much but I thought controlled play with his all-around game.  When he gets the ball in the defensive zone, he races it to the other end for distribution.  I’m not sure how many assists he had, but I think ‘a lot’ would define it.]

12-5-15-27 - Copy

[Ref Jon gives me the ‘hi’ sign.]

12-5-15-28 - Copy

[Jaran walking the ball up?  So, it must have been after a Flyer basket.]

12-5-15-29 - Copy

[Looking for a teammate . . . ]

12-5-15-30 - Copy

[Robert Anderson (35), 6’2″ junior hits a jumper to the delight of his teammates.]

12-5-15-31 - Copy

12-5-15-32 - Copy

12-5-15-33 - Copy

[Trey Hoepner (13), 5’10” freshman, who my fellow fans advised will be a player.]

12-5-15-34 - Copy

[And that’s it.  The Cards let the Flyers close a couple times, but never less than double digits.]

Nothing would induce me to vote for giving women the franchise.  I am not going to be henpecked into a question of such importance.  ~  Winston Churchill

IMG_2057 - Copy

IMG_2054 - Copy

[A Minnesota morning, Sunday, December 6.]

Up next:  Holiday stuff?

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