50th Class Reunion/Homecoming, Day 3, The Aftermath

September 26

9-26-15-1 - Copy 9-26-15-3 - Copy 9-26-15-4 - Copy 9-26-15-5 - Copy

[Just a little housekeeping here.  The Super, with cheese cubes and her tablet, returns to our table for Finestra on a beautiful day at the winery.]

9-26-15-12 - Copy 9-26-15-15 - Copy 9-26-15-16 - Copy 9-26-15-17 - Copy 9-26-15-18 - Copy

[Then with the Cheese Bots that evening at SAWA.]

October 1

10-1-15-1 - Copy

[OK, beginning with a pre-math, the Thursday night before all the reunion hoopla began.  Abby Williams, my sports hero from the 2008 state champion hockey team, with her mom, Martha, and boyfriend, Jake, joined us at SAWA before she leaves town on her next life’s adventure.]

10-1-15-2 - Copy 10-1-15-2

[Abby and Jake, also a hockey player, from British Columbia.]

10-1-15-4 - Copy 10-1-15-6 - Copy

[The Salty Dogs in their pre-reunion warm-up.]

10-1-15-7 - Copy 10-1-15-9 - Copy

[Tom and Pam, in early from Texas for the reunion, joined us.]

October 4

10-4-15-6-1 - Copy artmayotomtom-2

[The morning after the reunion we went to Arrowwood for brunch where we decided to reprise our photo from 50 years ago.  The pose is the same . . . the waistlines and hairlines are not. This is the group that for high school excitement would meet at the Kiehne’s on Wednesday nights to watch “The Outer Limits” and do our math homework.]

10-4-15-10 - Copy

[Greg and Linda]

10-4-15-11 - Copy

[Bradley Arland]

10-4-15-14 - Copy

[Tom and Pam]

10-4-15-15 - Copy

[The Super and Merill Kiehne]

10-4-15-16 - Copy

[The dangers of old skin and yard work.  Tried to duck under an evergreen, without a hat, didn’t seem like much of a branch encounter, but . . . stuff happens.]

The day we tore the goal posts down . . .

andersonbrad65 arendt65 bartos65 froemming65 goodrich65 johnsongreg65 kath kiehne65 koondick65 krebs65 obert65 perreton65 seppanen65 steinmetzrobert65

We will have these moments to remember . . .

9-24-15-1 - Copy

[A final good-bye to the reunion, though this photo was taken on September 24 at Interlachen.  Tom Toenjes with the topper to his high school graduation cake!]

I know no more about women today than when I was in high school.  ~  David Letterman

Up next:  Back to the more pedestrian pursuits of cub reporting – we have a volleyball invite and a cross-country meet today.  I seem to be recovering from a week long debilitation brought on by sciatica in the neck and shoulder and a nausea possibly brought on by the flu shot.  I discovered I can only turn my head 90 degrees in each direction, whereas 120 degrees is normal.  That may explain why I keep crashing into things when I back the car?

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