50th Class Reunion/Homecoming, Day 2, The Game

October 3

10-3-15-83 - Copy 10-3-15-84 - Copy 10-3-15-85 - Copy

[After the parade I assume many went home for a nap, for those who walked they may have gone home for a massage and a hot tub.  Then there was us.  I’m still not sure how many of the Class  of ’65 went to the football game, but all of this crowd went to the “stadium” for the tailgating party . . . burgers, dogs, chips, cookies, and pop!  Great!  All we needed was maybe a soccer scrimmage on the adjoining grass field for entertainment. Then the Super, Brad, and me stayed for the game against the Rocori Spartans.]

10-3-15-86 - Copy 10-3-15-87 - Copy

[I scanned the incoming crowd for classmates, but only saw the Johnsons and Kiehnes leaving.]

10-3-15-88 - Copy

[The team warms up . . . ]

10-3-15-89 - Copy

[The band warms up.  They were on the visitors side of the field undoubtedly in anticipation of a full house on the home side.]

10-3-15-90 - Copy 10-3-15-92 - Copy 10-3-15-93 - Copy 10-3-15-93-1 - Copy

[Then the Cards burst onto the field.  We had great expectations for we were on a four game winning streak, averaging about 40 points per game.]

10-3-15-95 - Copy

[‘Twas a beautiful Saturday afternoon for football.  But if you look three photos up, you can see the flag whipping.  About a 20 mph’er right into our face the entire game.  And combined with the sun, at game’s end I looked and felt like a piece of jerky.]

10-3-15-96 - Copy 10-3-15-96-1 - Copy

[The Spartans kick-off . . . ]

10-3-15-97 - Copy

[Through the end zone.]

10-3-15-98 - Copy

[The first play, a handoff to junior Micah Christenson (22) for 4 – 5 yards.]

10-3-15-99 - Copy 10-3-15-100 - Copy

[Then junior Jaran Roste (1) tries a pass.]

10-3-15-101 - Copy 10-3-15-102 - Copy 10-3-15-103 - Copy

[Roste hands to Christenson for a nice gain up the middle.  One of our difficulties throughout the game was that we were only able to get Micah “in space” a few times.]

10-3-15-104 - Copy

[Jaran under pressure and particularly so late in the game.]

10-3-15-105 - Copy 10-3-15-106 - Copy 10-3-15-107 - Copy

[Jaran had a nice hole, as did Micah, but the quarter ended with the Cards down.  The Spartans had a long sustained touchdown march on their first possession.  From then on the Card defense probably had their best day, particularly against the run.]

10-3-15-108 - Copy 10-3-15-109 - Copy 10-3-15-110 - Copy

[Did he or didn’t he hand off to Christenson on these two plays?]

10-3-15-111 - Copy

[Did someone lose a contact?]

10-3-15-112 - Copy

[Roste appears to be throwing a long bomb . . . ]

10-3-15-113 - Copy

[And here he’s throwing a strike to the Cardinals’ version Wes Welker, senior Aarin Willander (88).  Aarin later in the game made a great downfield catch on a 4th and long situation.]

10-3-15-114 - Copy

10-3-15-115 - Copy 10-3-15-116 - Copy 10-3-15-117 - Copy[The Cards scored and then got a successful 2-point conversion to take an 8 – 7 lead.]

10-3-15-118 - Copy

[Do you know her?  High-fived her when she marched past with the tennis team.  She has been featured many times on the blog.]

10-3-15-119 - Copy 10-3-15-120 - Copy 10-3-15-121 - Copy 10-3-15-122 - Copy 10-3-15-123 - Copy

[Homecoming royalty]

10-3-15-124 - Copy

[Anything going on over there?]

10-3-15-125 - Copy 10-3-15-126 - Copy

[The Cards led 15 – 14 going into the 4th quarter, which has been our best quarter all season.  This time, however, we committed 4 turnovers in the final 12 minutes and lost 24 – 15.  We repaired immediately to the golf club to pick up our spirits with the reunion.]

god lost

[Later we discovered it was the worst (well, at least tied) sports weekend in Minnesota history: Our Cardinals lost their homecoming game, the Gophers were humiliated, the Twins were swept, the Vikings lost, and the Lynx blew home court advantage in the WNBA finals!  It was saved by our reunion!]

Here’s the game video from Joe Korkowski and the Voice of Alexandria dubbed, “The good, the bad, and the ugly.”  Though we played too sloppily to win, you can see we have some offensive weapons:

Last night, October 8, the Cards won at St. Cloud Tech, 33 – 15, to finish the regular season 5 – 3.  We are the 2nd seed in the section and will have a first round bye then will likely host Bemidji a week from Saturday.

When I have one foot in the grave I will tell you the truth about women.  I shall tell it, jump into my coffin, pull the lid over me and say, “Do what you like now.”  ~ Leo Tolstoy

Up next:  Continuing . . .

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