50th Class Reunion/Homecoming, Day 1

October 2

10-2-15-10 - Copy

[Homecoming weekend now begins Friday at noon with the Hall of Fame induction luncheon.  The inductees this year are . . . ]

hof1 - Copy hof2 - Copy hof3 - Copy hof4 - Copy hof5 - Copy hof6 - Copy hof7 - Copy hof8 - Copy

[And a big congratulations to all!]

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[And because Homecoming this year just happened to coincide with the Class of ’65’s 50th Reunion, we were joined at our table by classmate Professor Doctor Colonel Tom Kiehne and wife Pam Mathison, from Austin, Texas – and Viv Annen, from Lake Le Homme Dieu, a longtime attendee of this event.]

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[The Super shows how we were able to find our table.  🙂  ]

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[The high school carolers dropped by for a little pre-nosh entertainment.]

10-2-15-5 - Copy

[The Super with Bob “Weakie” Annen, a native New Ulmer who has transitioned nicely after about 18 years in Cardinal Country.]

10-2-15-6 - Copy 10-2-15-7 - Copy 10-2-15-7-1 - Copy

[“Your Worship” Mayor Ness and Doctor Woolliscroft.  Apologies to Ms. Larson, who I will see again soon at whatever meeting, but I just had my snapshot camera and not all photographic attempts were successful.  Regarding “Your Worship,” I was one of I assume several who nominated him, and when I first met him as mayor I asked if I should address him as “Your Honor” – he said he preferred “Your Worship,” so I liked him immediately!]

10-2-15-8 - Copy

[Our entire table also included classmate Brad Anderson, who we gathered from Barnesville, and Tom’s dad, Merill.  We were generally well behaved.]

10-2-15-9 - Copy

[And then I always enjoy “catching” Jill Johnson performing her duties as the school’s communications director.  Can you name her subjects?]

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[And then, after school let out that afternoon, thanks again to Cindy Hughes, Adm. Asst. to the Superintendent and School Board, and Troy Wunderlich, Asst. Principal, for setting up a tour of the new high school for the Class of ’65 (now in the absence of good ole JHS). The kids call the new school “AAHS” (think “Oz”) for Alexandria Area High School.]

10-2-15-13 - Copy 10-2-15-14 - Copy

[We had a good turnout of maybe 40 65ers for the tour . . . ]

10-2-15-15 - Copy 10-2-15-16 - Copy 10-2-15-17 - Copy

[Such a good crowd that Asst. Principal Wunderlich (left foreground) was ultimately joined by Principal Chad Duwenhoegger (left background, black shirt), the Minnesota principal-of-the-year.]

10-2-15-18 - Copy 10-2-15-19 - Copy

[Professor Doctor Colonel Kiehne found a science classroom mindful of his as a mechanical engineering professor at the University of Texas.]

10-2-15-20 - Copy

[The Common Area]

10-2-15-21 - Copy

[The library . . . ]

10-2-15-22 - Copy

[Boy, I wish we had one of these meditation and latte booths when we were in high school!]

10-2-15-23 - Copy

10-2-15-24 - Copy

[As a local, I have been to the new high school on more than a semi-regular basis. Therefore, my highlight from our class tour was the discovery that the library contained my biography!]

10-2-15-25 - Copy 10-2-15-26 - Copy 10-2-15-27 - Copy

[Now down to the Common Area, past the wall of contributors.  Many of the “extra features” of the school were made possible through private contributions.]

10-2-15-28 - Copy 10-2-15-29 - Copy

[The principal about to lead us from the common area, cleared for the homecoming dance, to the performing arts center . . . ]

10-2-15-30 - Copy 10-2-15-31 - Copy

[The 1,000 seat auditorium is probably the highlight of all tours.]

10-2-15-32 - Copy 10-2-15-33 - Copy

[The band room, with extra features as in the choir and orchestra rooms.]

10-2-15-34 - Copy

[The volleyball team was practicing in the 5-court gymnasium.]

10-2-15-35 - Copy 10-2-15-36 - Copy 10-2-15-37 - Copy

[Our evening began with a quick stop – a beer and pretzel – at the Maritime Museum for Octoberfest.]

10-2-15-38 - Copy

[Then back to Broadway Ballroom for the school’s Jeans & Jewels annual fundraiser.  At our table was previous Hall of Famer Bob Rader with his wife Vonnie.]

10-2-15-39 - Copy 10-2-15-40 - Copy

[Another big crowd for the games and silent auctions.]

10-2-15-41 - Copy 10-2-15-42 - Copy

[Greg Trumm, the current president of the Education Foundation, asks us all to continue our support.  For a mere $206 per year (for School District 206), one can be a member of the 206 club.]

10-3-15-1 - Copy 10-3-15-3 - Copy

[The Super, once again, found success at the silent auctions!  Oy!]

cards1 cards2[The last event of the evening was a class pizza party at the Alexandria Golf Club.  Thanks to Diane and Bonita for setting this up.  I was a late arrival and pooped out early, but like Arnold mumbled something to the effect that I would be back.]

Women are quite unlike men.  Women have higher voices, longer hair, smaller waistlines, daintier feet and prettier hands.  They also invariably have the upper hand.  ~  Stephen Potter

Up next:  Days 2 & 3 (p.s.  For those who have returned home again, the upcoming weather forecast for Vacationland USA is for the 6th consecutive beautiful weekend, with temps in the 70’s!)

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