Grape Stomp ’15

smart car 9-19-15

Grape Stomp weekend bookended our trip to the Gopher football game on Saturday.  Our one day out of town, the “kids” decided it would be fun to see how many people they could stuff into a smart car!  Oy, can’t leave ’em unchaperoned!  Although not officially part of Grape Stomp, the fun began on Wednesday night with BAT at SAWA.  While we were there Wednesday, we did not officially begin coverage until Thursday, again at SAWA . . .

September 17

9-17-15-1 - Copy

9-17-15-2 - Copy 9-17-15-2-1 - Copy

[As usual, BAT had the packed house “eating out of his hand” as he enjoined us to sing along when so requested!]

Stick with this video through two songs and catch some cameo appearances by the Retired Teachers Association of Alexandria!

9-17-15-3 - Copy 9-17-15-4 - Copy 9-17-15-5 - Copy

And my video request for Malaguena:

9-17-15-6 - Copy 9-17-15-7 - Copy

[Brenda takes photographs and requests for BAT.]

Wrapping up evening Number Two.

September 18

The day Grape Stomp officially began.  With the Super, Jami, and Deb Trumm down the in the Cities, I soloed out to the winery to catch our old favorite Anthony Miltich in the afternoon.  It was the one chilly day, and with an ever increasing wind shooting videos was not an option.

9-18-15-1 - Copy 9-18-15-2 - Copy 9-18-15-3 - Copy 9-18-15-4 - Copy 9-18-15-5 - Copy

[Admiring his footwork?]

20150918_073505 - Copy 20150918_073519 - Copy 20150918_074719 - Copy 20150918_074722 - Copy

[The ladies were at a Futurist conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  They pronounced it a resounding success, and Jami wrote about it extensively in her blog.]

That evening BAT performed again at the Alexandria Golf Club.  I was there and the Super joined me as soon as she returned from Minneapolis.  The lighting was not conducive to photography.  It was a busy night, as I posted on FB:  So, to the big city folks, and they know who they are, who mockingly refer to us as Big Town, here’s your Friday night schedule, just off the top of my head:  Anthony Miltich @ CCW (Grape Stomp); BAT @ AGC; Dweebs opening Grape Stomp @ RCC; Matt Velline @ Interlachen; Piano Men (CLCA) @ AAHS PAC; Components @ SAWA.  And we do it all for the sake of ART:


September 20

I heard from a reliable source that the Salty Dogs knocked ’em dead at the Grape Stomp on Saturday.  You may recall from the football photos that Saturday was a beautiful day – well, Sunday was as well!  And on this day, Josie Nelson would be performing outside while simultaneously BAT would be performing inside.  But it proved to be just a tad to breezy for videos.

9-20-15-1 - Copy 9-20-15-2 - Copy 9-20-15-3 - Copy 9-20-15-4 - Copy 9-20-15-4-1 - Copy

[Linda (Josie’s mom), Tami (the proprietor), and Josie (the performer) tried in vain (as I recall) to get Josie’s music hooked into the inside speaker system.]


[Actually, none of these wines are from Carlos Creek!]

9-20-15-5 - Copy 9-20-15-6 - Copy 9-20-15-7 - Copy

[Josie told us she had been picked to sing with the high school Carolers this year, her junior year, and she was quite excited about that!]


[The Carolers, surprisingly enough.]

9-20-15-8 - Copy

[Then it was time to leave Josie for a while to see how BAT was doing inside . . . ]

9-20-15-9 - Copy 9-20-15-10 - Copy 9-20-15-11 - Copy 9-20-15-12 - Copy 9-20-15-13 - Copy 9-20-15-14 - Copy 9-20-15-15 - Copy 9-20-15-16 - Copy 9-20-15-17 - Copy

[And he was doing just fine . . . ]

9-20-15-18 - Copy 9-20-15-18-1 - Copy 9-20-15-19 - Copy

[As was Brenda, taking photos and requests.]

9-20-15-20 - Copy 9-20-15-21 - Copy 9-20-15-22 - Copy 9-20-15-23 - Copy 9-20-15-24 - Copy

[And a sighting of a Christian Ponder jersey?]

9-20-15-25 - Copy

[We ran into the king and queen of Ashby and decided to check on Josie again . . . ]

9-20-15-26 - Copy 9-20-15-27 - Copy 9-20-15-28 - Copy 9-20-15-29 - Copy

[Judy, in red, was exposed to BAT for the first time this weekend.  I believe she is now the president of his fan club? 😉  ]

9-20-15-30 - Copy 9-20-15-31 - Copy

[Josie is an aficionado of Doug’s Kettle Korn and this was an unsolicited testimonial.  Oh, and Doug’s daughters, Bethany and Megan Hasz, our cross-country stars, are classmates of Josie.]

9-20-15-32 - Copy

[Josie had too much class to hold this for a photo op!  Ha!]

9-20-15-33 - Copy

[And then back to say good-bye to BAT and Brenda.  Their next stop is Wichita.]


[But by the same percentage, enjoyed Grape Stomp again this year.]

No male can beat a female in the long run because they have it over us in sheer, damn longevity.  ~  James Thurber

Up next:  Maybe finally get to that high school football game?

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