The Super’s Summer Travelogue, Days 7, 8, & Going Home

August 6

8-6-15-1 - Copy 8-6-15-2 - Copy

[Ahhhh, screen porch overlooking a lake.]

8-6-15-3 - Copy

[I hope my drive-in starts to do better?]

8-6-15-4 - Copy 8-6-15-5 - Copy 8-6-15-6 - Copy 8-6-15-7 - Copy 8-6-15-8 - Copy 8-6-15-9 - Copy 8-6-15-10 - Copy

[“My” drive-in was on our field trip way to the newest winery in Wisconsin.  We have also been to the oldest, making us a “question” on Jeopardy.]

8-6-15-11 - Copy

[This, with the The Blind Horse front house, is the only complete restaurant and winery combination in Wisconsin, and among the few in the country, so we were told.]

20150806_112748 - Copy

[Then I had an afternoon nap.]

The FB posted camp photo of me napping on my back drew inquiries as to the depth of the distance from my back to the top of my tummy on which my hands were resting. It was suggested that maybe it was an extra thick sweatshirt (which it was) or that maybe the pouch was filled with candy wrappers (which was a possibility). Anyway, as an old guy myself, I have observed that old guys who lose weight “look” older and unhealthy. Who wants that? Of greater concern, which aligns with the plastic surgery I may need in light of my injury (just kidding), is the dappling of my aging skin. I don’t see this as a vanity issue, but I’m scaring small children and dogs!

8-6-15-12 - Copy 8-6-15-13 - Copy

[The evening led to our annual pontoon ride around the lake.  Our driver was Andi.]

8-6-15-14 - Copy 8-6-15-15 - Copy

[This, as I’ve noted in the past, is rumored to have been Tom Cruise’s house, back in the day when he and Paul Newman (also a home owner here) came to race at Road America.]

8-6-15-16 - Copy 8-6-15-17 - Copy 8-6-15-18 - Copy

[The monster Osthoff Resort and Condomium, next to the Victoria Village Resort with the colorful umbrella Tiki Bar.]

8-6-15-19 - Copy

[Lost our sunset in the clouds.]

8-6-15-20 - Copy

[The Super loves lakeside boathouses.]

20150806_183610 - Copy

[Ain’t we got fun?]

20150806_183644 - Copy

[The DOM and Reetz, chillin’.]

8-6-15-21 - Copy

[By going forward for this shot, we took on water over the bow!  Andi recovered us.  Oy!]

8-6-15-22 - Copy

[Shooting over Chris and Beth, deniece and denephew, is the Johnsonville Brat mansion, home of my favorite lake walk sculpture.]

August 7

8-7-15-1 - Copy 8-7-15-1-1 - Copy

[Our last full day at camp, it rained all day.  Thus, it rained out the final night’s campfire. That made it the fist time in collective memory that both the opening and closing night’s ceremonies were rained out.]

August 8

8-8-15-1-1 - Copy 8-8-15-2-1 - Copy 8-8-15-3-1 - Copy

[The last breakfast morning with the camp’s three Ruthies.]

8-8-15-4 - Copy 8-8-15-5 - Copy

[Goodbye, Rappaport!]

8-8-15-7 - Copy 8-8-15-8 - Copy 8-8-15-9 - Copy 8-8-15-10 - Copy

[Heading for home, a mile down the road is Broughton Marsh Park.]

8-8-15-11 - Copy

[Probably decent advertising.]

8-8-15-15 - Copy 8-8-15-16 - Copy 8-8-15-17 - Copy

[If we go home via the northern route, we always stop at Leinenkugel’s in Chippewa Falls. Unfortunately, it was Chippewa Valley Days (or something like that), and both the town and the brewery were overwhelmed with people.  We sampled nothing.]

8-8-15-19 - Copy 20150808_145425 - Copy 20150808_145443 - Copy

[Crossing the St. Croix River from St. Croix Falls to Taylors Falls, where we noshed at the Drive-In on the Minnesota side.]

8-8-15-21 - Copy 8-8-15-22 - Copy 8-8-15-23 - Copy 8-8-15-24 - Copy 8-8-15-25 - Copy 8-8-15-26 - Copy 8-8-15-27 - Copy

[We arrived home to a weird sky, part of a continuing series of weird summer skies.]

Travel is only glamorous in retrospect.  ~  Paul Theroux

Up next:  Egypt, Portugal, the Galapagos?  OK, just kidding.  How ’bout the start of the Cardinal football season?

8-8-15-6 - Copy

Catch you next time!

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  1. Mike O'Brian says:

    Your baseball photos from your 2012 post (take me out to the ballgame) are absolutely amazing! Would you mind if I shared some of them (with proper credit of course) on my page “Lost Ballparks” on Twitter and Facebook?

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