The Super’s Summer Travelogue, Day 2

The first day of August

As we “cruise” into life’s final glide path, we visit places of first impression we’re not likely to ever see again. Here’s a place I’d never heard of . . . [Facebook post for Grandad Bluff in La Crosse, just forgot to put it with Day 1.  Stuff happens.]

8-1-15-1 - Copy

The Super made me do it. Clouds on the Mississippi this morning [on Facebook]. Ferryville, Wisconsin, population 176, is literally one street wide. With the Mississippi River on one side and steep bluffs on the other, the one street has to have turn arounds every couple blocks on the river side as the only way to reverse direction.

8-1-15-2 - Copy[On the road again, heading out of Ferryville on the way to . . . ]

8-1-15-3 - Copy 8-1-15-4 - Copy

[Who hasn’t wanted to visit Prairie du Chien, just ‘cuz it’s a cool name?  And this park is on St. Feriole Island.  Neither name can be correctly pronounced unless you are a local.]

8-1-15-6 - Copy 8-1-15-7 - Copy 8-1-15-8 - Copy 8-1-15-9 - Copy 8-1-15-10 - Copy 8-1-15-11 - Copy

[This is how I got my morning walk in.  On the Trail of Presidents, I had to walk all the way to Mr. Fillmore to find a plaque that wasn’t covered in bird doo-doo.]

8-1-15-12 - Copy 8-1-15-13 - Copy 8-1-15-14 - Copy

[The Victorian Lady looked like a party gal . . . maybe a blues fan?]

8-1-15-15 - Copy

[There was a blues festival going on in the park all weekend.  We were there early to avoid the crush.  It may have been bad timing – Duluth was also hosting a blues festival on this weekend.]

8-1-15-16 - Copy 8-1-15-17 - Copy 8-1-15-18 - Copy 8-1-15-19 - Copy 8-1-15-20 - Copy

[Historic and restored buildings on the island.]

8-1-15-21 - Copy 8-1-15-22 - Copy

[Is there any connection?]

8-1-15-24 - Copy

[The campers for the festival were just rousing.]

8-1-15-25 - Copy

[Heading off the island back into town.]

8-1-15-26 - Copy

8-1-15-28 - Copy

[And then we began our eastward adventure along the Wisconsin River.]

8-1-15-29 - Copy 8-1-15-30 - Copy

[A good early part of the trip – no sights of the river, no signs of civilization.]

8-1-15-33 - Copy 8-1-15-34 - Copy 8-1-15-35 - Copy

[So, I looked at clouds.]

8-1-15-36 - Copy 8-1-15-37 - Copy

[Then the river finally started regularly coming into view.  Still no signs of humanity.]

8-1-15-38 - Copy 8-1-15-39 - Copy

[And this may be why.  One of the funnier moments of the whole trip.  When we first started out along the Wisconsin River “trail,” the only road signs we ever saw were – Gotham, 49 miles; Gotham 33 miles; Gotham, 15 miles . . . Well, as the home of Batman we figured it must be a pretty big place, and we were hankering for lunch.  But this was it – no eatery unless you knocked on one of the two houses in town.]

8-1-15-40 - Copy

[No people, but wildlife abounded.]

8-1-15-41 - Copy

[But then we arrived here.  More bang for the buck than any other place this size because . . . it is the home of Frank Lloyd Wright, Aldo Leopold, and The House on the Rock!]

wright-1 wright-2

8-1-15-43 - Copy 8-1-15-44 - Copy 8-1-15-45 - Copy 8-1-15-46 - Copy 8-1-15-47 - Copy 8-1-15-48 - Copy 8-1-15-49 - Copy 8-1-15-50 - Copy

[We crossed the Wisconsin River to visit Taliesen.  This is just the visitor center and restaurant.  It may be a cliche to say so, but I love this guy’s work.  Just the lighting he designs into his buildings is amazing – I’m sure this visitor center must be well over 50 years old but looks as modern as anything you’ll see today.  We unfortunately did not have the time and wherewithal to tour his home and other buildings on this day.]

8-1-15-51 - Copy 8-1-15-52 - Copy 20150801_111525 - Copy 20150801_111543 - Copy

[But while we’re here, let’s have a nosh!  Quiche and salad with greens grown on the property.]

8-1-15-53 - Copy 8-1-15-53-1 - Copy

[And before we leave, a couple of shots out the window at the river recreation.]

houseonrock-1 houseonrock-2

house on rock

[Again, lacked the time, wherewithal, and desire to actually visit the place, but it was in the neighborhood.]

8-1-15-54 - Copy 8-1-15-56 - Copy 8-1-15-57 - Copy 8-1-15-58 - Copy 8-1-15-59 - Copy 8-1-15-60 - Copy 8-1-15-61 - Copy 8-1-15-62 - Copy

[But we drove in just to see if you could see the place.  You can’t.  But there’s this giant visitors center and gardens and stuff around.  The house photo under the brochure above is from internet stock.]

8-1-15-63 - Copy 8-1-15-64 - Copy 8-1-15-64-1 - Copy 8-1-15-66-1 - Copy 8-1-15-67-1 - Copy 8-1-15-68 - Copy

[As we were heading back to town, there was a scenic overlook sign.  Far be it for me to pass up a scenic overlook, so in we went.  I started walking . . . and walking . . . and walking, and it was hot.  Finally ran into someone coming back and asked what we were overlooking.  They said the House, but it still over a mile away.  Here’s the best I could do.]

8-1-15-69 - Copy

[On the way back to town, a Taliesen building.]

8-1-15-70 - Copy

[I don’t know where this fit in the grand scheme of things, but it was on the way to . . . ]

leopold-1 leopold-2

[Jami and Danny are big fans of this guy, the father of wildlife conservation.]

8-1-15-71 - Copy 8-1-15-72 - Copy 8-1-15-73 - Copy 8-1-15-75 - Copy 8-1-15-76 - Copy

[As the sign attests, we were actually at his nature center, not at the foundation.  We drove in and were greeted by a gentleman who said the whole place had been rented for the weekend for a family reunion.  Oh, well.]

8-1-15-77 - Copy 8-1-15-78 - Copy 8-1-15-79 - Copy 8-1-15-79-1 - Copy 8-1-15-80 - Copy 8-1-15-81 - Copy

[The next town in our queue was made famous in song and story by . . . ]

8-1-15-82 - Copy

[Creedence Clearwater Revival]

8-1-15-83 - Copy

[And next up is where the Super and I first met some 28 years ago . . . OK, it was in a different state.]

Another long day in the car, then A-listing for Weakie. Our restaurant and overnight digs, 52 Stafford, An Irish Guest House, downtown Plymouth, WI.

8-1-15-92 - Copy 8-1-15-93 - Copy

[Our nighttime accommodations, where we would be only 6 miles from Camp Brosius.]

8-1-15-84 - Copy 8-1-15-85 - Copy 8-1-15-89-1 - Copy 8-1-15-90 - Copy 8-1-15-91 - Copy 52stafford-1 52stafford-2

[We ate in because the menu was to die for!]

8-1-15-94 - Copy 8-1-15-95 - Copy 8-1-15-96 - Copy 8-1-15-99 - Copy

[The Super had the meatloaf, I had the shepherd’s pie.  Both were delicious!  Then it was time for a good night’s sleep before assaulting camp the next day.]

Thanks to the interstate highway system, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything.  ~  Charles Kuralt

Up next:  I’m thinking Day 3.

[Editor’s Note:  This is blog post No. 707.  It must be some sort of magical number as I am now entitled to a free hair cut at Madame Tussaud’s House of Waxjobs.]

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  1. jamig4 says:

    The House on the Rock is on my bucket list.

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