A Beautiful Afternoon With Harper’s Chord

My heart be still, we actually had great weather on a Sunday afternoon . . .

6-7-15-1 - Copy 6-7-15-2 - Copy 6-7-15-3 - Copy

[Harper’s Chord was coming to town, thus expecting an overflow crowd at the winery!  But for the first 45 minutes, the four of us usual regulars were treated to a private show!  We thinks the 1:00 start fooled everyone – usually showtime begins at 2:00.]

6-7-15-4 - Copy 6-7-15-5 - Copy 6-7-15-6 - Copy

[The last time they were in town, Micah, the bass player, had been added for the first time. This time they along brought a drummer – Pat, high school class of ’65 (though at St. Cloud Cathedral).]


6-7-15-7 - Copy 6-7-15-8 - Copy 6-7-15-9-1 - Copy 6-7-15-10-1 - Copy

[Paul and Jill, doing what Paul and Jill do.]

Why Don’t We Pack Up the Van and Run Away for Awhile:

6-7-15-11-1 - Copy 6-7-15-12-1 - Copy

[Roger and Micah, doing what Roger and Micah do.]

6-7-15-13 - Copy 6-7-15-13-1 - Copy

[They’re baaaackkk.]

6-7-15-14 - Copy

[This was going to be the next CD cover photo . . . well, maybe by her.  😉  ]

6-7-15-15 - Copy 6-7-15-16 - Copy

[Ending on the downbeat . . . ]

Travelin’ Soldier:

6-7-15-17 - Copy 6-7-15-18 - Copy

[Dave was recognized for his 70th b’day, so he and Alice went out and cut the asphalt.]

The Super did her job as well . . .

2 3 4 5 6 8

[Showing the group’s Medicare Fan Club (with two notable exceptions) was there in force, many of us sticking around for the entire 4-hour performance before heading home to bed!  But as Alice and Dave proved, we still have spunk!]

Natural Bridge:

[This is their signature song with which they usually end their performances . . . ]


[This is their last scheduled performance in Alex this year . . . so please write your congressman and senator!]

Before we go . . .

Thought some of you may enjoy our Bethany Hasz winning the state 1,600 (she won the 3,200 as well).  She and sister Megan usually finish 1 – 2 in these meets, but unfortunately Megan had to miss this year because of injury.  She should be healthy for cross-country in the fall:

A beautiful woman who gives pleasure to men serves only to frighten the fish when she jumps in the water.  ~  Kwang Tse

Up next:  Afraid to look at the calendar.

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