The Other Great American Pastime


5-15-15-1 - Copy

[MOTU @ SAWA, last Friday.  Dave Strom, keyboards, and Bill Engebretson, drums, of local Components fame; and Wally Warhol, steel drums and trumpet, of local Finestra fame.]

5-15-15-2 - Copy 5-15-15-3 - Copy 5-15-15-5 - Copy 5-15-15-8 - Copy 5-15-15-9 - Copy 5-15-15-10 - Copy 5-15-15-11 - Copy 5-15-15-12 - Copy 5-15-15-14 - Copy

Salty Dogs

5-16-15-2 - Copy 5-16-15-3 - Copy 5-16-15-4 - Copy 5-16-15-5 - Copy

[Salty Dogs @ Carlos Creek Winery, last Saturday.]

5-16-15-6 - Copy 5-16-15-7 - Copy

[Photography by Berg.]

5-16-15-8 - Copy 5-16-15-9 - Copy

[Annie & Greg (not blocked by other customers as were the vocalists).]

5-16-15-10 - Copy 5-16-15-10-1 - Copy 5-16-15-11 - Copy 5-16-15-12 - Copy

[The proprietors, a/k/a, “Fred and Ginger.”]

The Cheese Bots


[Another gratuitous shot at the merry, merry month of May.  Almost had to pay a visit to the SAWA basement again last Saturday – tornado warnings in the area. We were there for the Cheese Bots and almost relived our previous trip downstairs there from July 2010 (about one month after the Wadena tornado). We got another inch and a half of rain Friday bringing our weekly total to 5 inches. Enough already!]

11071680_987777094595691_1077927183662409041_n 18816_987777297929004_9178118879368128820_n

[SAWA basement, 2010]

Central Lakes Symphony Orchestra

5-17-15-1 - Copy 5-17-15-2 - Copy 5-17-15-3 - Copy 5-17-15-4 - Copy 5-17-15-5 - Copy 5-17-15-6 - Copy

[Central Lakes Symphony Orchestra last performance of the season at Alexandria Area High School, last Sunday. That makes four live music events for the Super and me since Friday night (yeah, it’s getting me way behind on the blog). Anyway, from the previous events I was surprised how many people still are not aware we have a symphony! C’mon folks, come out and support these musicians! They only do four concerts a year . . . we should pack the place. They are really quite terrific – it’s something most towns our size do not have. Oh, and the AGC folks would be interested in knowing the viola soloist was Ryan Jensen, Ken’s son, Alex class of 2009.]

Of the two lots, the woman’s lot of perpetual motherhood, and the man’s of perpetual babyhood, I prefer the man’s.  ~  George Bernard Shaw

Up next:  Back to Europe . . . or softball?

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