Boat Trip, Day Three


4-23-15-1 - Copy

[Our last full day in Prague.  We were on our own.  Because Reetz and Karen were a day late arriving, they missed the previous day’s guided tour of the city.  So, on this morning, they were able to hook up with another group from the across the street Hilton for a guided tour.  The Super and I then thought the morning would be a good time to look into Wenceslas Square.  We began our walk as usual, but instead of turning right at the Powder Tower we went straight ahead on what was a major commercial avenue.]

4-23-15-2 - Copy[We reached the “square” where we encountered the perennial and international class field trip.  And for a bit of background, the “square” is not really a square but a several block long boulevard.  And two – spoiler alert! – Wenceslas was not really a king as the song says; he was merely a duke and a saint.  🙂  ]

4-23-15-3 - Copy

[Looking up the boulevard square, the National Museum marks the end in the distance.]

4-23-15-4 - Copy

[The Prague equivalent of Mickey’s Diner?]

4-23-15-5 - Copy

[A hockey player of some repute, even on this side of the Atlantic.]

4-23-15-6 - Copy 4-23-15-6-1 - Copy

[A wonderful boulevard . . . though it appears we’re about to be engulfed in a wall of humanity!]

4-23-15-7 - Copy

[The Super and friend . . . and the photographer even figured out a way to get in the picture.]

4-23-15-8 - Copy

[A typical Czech restaurant.  I know that because the sign says a “Typical Czech Restaurant.”  In America, they’re usually called “Mom’s.”]

4-23-15-9 - Copy

[Approaching the National Museum and the statue of St. Wenceslas on his horse.]

4-23-15-10 - Copy

[Better lighting looking back on whence we came.  The Super seems to appreciate that.]

4-23-15-11 - Copy 4-23-15-12 - Copy

[“Good King (err, Saint) Wenceslas looked out on the feast of Stephen . . .”  ]

4-23-15-13 - Copy

[Love the palate of building color – this is looking right from the museum when facing back down the boulevard.    ]

4-23-15-14 - Copy 4-23-15-15 - Copy

[From the National Museum steps.  Great view!]

4-23-15-16 - Copy

[Just so you know exactly where we are.]

4-23-15-17 - Copy

[So long, good Wenceslas.]

4-23-15-18 - Copy

[The Super liked the colorful fowers . . . remember, we’re north of Winnipeg here.]

4-23-15-19 - Copy

[Back down at the other end of the boulevard, this is the avenue we walked up to hit the square as that’s Powder Tower in the background.  Three days here now, we could be Prague tour guides!  😉  ]

4-23-15-20 - Copy

[An internationally-renowned sidewalk cafe.]

4-23-15-21 - Copy

[We continued straight, instead of heading back to Powder Tower, in the direction of Old Town Square.  Along the way we encountered an open air market.  As Arnold would say, “We’d be back!”]

4-23-15-22 - Copy

[Another wonderful pedestrian only thoroughfare.  We did not know any of the people in the foreground.]

4-23-15-23 - Copy

[We saw this restaurant on a pre-trip video.  We went in but it was extremely humid with the aroma of boiled vegetables.  Though they have outdoor seating in the back, we opted not nosh there.]

4-23-15-24 - Copy

[The Super made me do it . . .]

4-23-15-25 - Copy 4-23-15-26 - Copy

[In the afternoon, Reetz and Karen were back from their morning tour, so we decided to take them where we had just been.  For the first time, we went in the Municipal Building which had fancy restaurants on both sides of its lobby area.]

4-23-15-27 - Copy

[The “Darling” limo was still hanging around . . . ]

4-23-15-28 - Copy 4-23-15-29 - Copy 4-23-15-29-1 - Copy


4-23-15-31 - Copy 4-23-15-32 - Copy 4-23-15-33 - Copy

[I told you, “We’d be back!”]

4-23-15-34 - Copy

[The ladies all went in here . . . I never thought I’d see them again!]

4-23-15-35 - Copy

[To know it is to love it, back in Old Town Square.]

4-23-15-36 - Copy

[Do you believe in magic?]

4-23-15-38 - Copy

[Heading back home through Powder Tower . . . ]

4-23-15-39 - Copy 4-23-15-40 - Copy

[And by the mosaic of the Municipal Building . . . ]

4-23-15-41 - Copy 4-23-15-42 - Copy 4-23-15-43 - Copy

[To an outdoor nosh at Cacao, just around the corner from our hotel.  We saw a super model eating this all by herself at an adjacent table.  She noticed our interest and told us what it was.  A coconut cake, whose name I think was Raffaelo, was delish even as shared with the Super.]

The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it which the cheering influence of the afternoon or evening cup of tea cannot be expected to reproduce.  ~  Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Up next:  Budapest.

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