Boat Trip, Day Two (Part II)

When last we left you, Rocky and Bullwinkle had been captured and taken behind the Iron Curtain by Boris and Natasha. We’re on our way to Prague Castle to rescue them . . 


4-22-15-102-1 - Copy

[We drove by Brahe and Kepler, major contributors to the science of the world.  Well, if you believe in science (sorry, couldn’t help myself).]    ]

4-22-15-103 - Copy

[We have arrived at the Castle and Mike leads us to the gate.]

[Editor’s note:  There has been a complaint filed with the publisher that there have been too many trip photos of buildings and not enough of food.  To assuage the complainant, we humbly offer the following two food photos.]

hqdefault (1) hqdefault

4-22-15-104 - Copy

[Appetites sated, we return to Mike who offers up the whys and wherefores of Prague Castle.]

4-22-15-105 - Copy 4-22-15-106 - Copy 4-22-15-107 - Copy 4-22-15-108 - Copy 4-22-15-109 - Copy 4-22-15-110 - Copy 4-22-15-111 - Copy

[Something about a guy in uniform?]

4-22-15-112 - Copy

[OK folks, please remember, do not feed the soldiers.]

4-22-15-113 - Copy 4-22-15-114 - Copy 4-22-15-115 - Copy 4-22-15-116 - Copy 4-22-15-117 - Copy 4-22-15-118 - Copy

[A quick look around – somehow we never went over to what appears to be an interesting vista in the immediate above photo?]

4-22-15-119 - Copy 4-22-15-120 - Copy

[OK, F Troop, let’s go in!   The castle is the residence and office of the Czech president and also the place where the crown jewels are stored.]

4-22-15-121 - Copy

[A building of some import and cleanliness.  Darn if I can remember what it is?]

4-22-15-122 - Copy

[The entry gate to the castle.]

4-22-15-124 - Copy

[The is a white building with a flag flying overhead right above the head of the woman in the immediate foreground . . .]

4-22-15-125 - Copy

[It’s the US Embassy.]

4-22-15-126 - Copy

[Is that any way to greet visitors?]

4-22-15-127 - Copy 4-22-15-128 - Copy

[Not anyone we’re likely to know.  I could look it up, but it could take hundreds of hours and cost thousands of lives.]

4-22-15-129 - Copy 4-22-15-130 - Copy 4-22-15-131 - Copy 4-22-15-132 - Copy 4-22-15-133 - Copy

[In the photo under the red limos, there’s a building on the left painted to give a 3-D effect – it works!  We also have another view of the Eiffel Tower (to be visited anon) and the spires of St. Vitus Cathedral.]

4-22-15-134 - Copy 4-22-15-135 - Copy 4-22-15-136 - Copy 4-22-15-137 - Copy 4-22-15-138 - Copy 4-22-15-139 - Copy 4-22-15-140 - Copy

4-22-15-141 - Copy 4-22-15-142 - Copy 4-22-15-143 - Copy

[All of the above are of St. Vitus Cathedral which is famous for being yet another European Gothic cathedral.  It is located entirely within the confines of the castle    ]

4-22-15-144 - Copy 4-22-15-145 - Copy 4-22-15-146 - Copy 4-22-15-147 - Copy

[We back outside again, checking out the cathedral from the other side.  It was windy – the fountain behind the Super was threatening her ‘do.]

4-22-15-148 - Copy 4-22-15-149 - Copy 4-22-15-150 - Copy

[One really does get the feeling of being on the set of a medieval movie.  The exterior mosaics, the rose window, are all really quite spectacular.]

4-22-15-151 - Copy 4-22-15-152 - Copy 4-22-15-153 - Copy 4-22-15-154 - Copy

[Saying good-bye to the men in uniform and the castle.  This was end of our morning guided tour.]

4-22-15-155 - Copy

[That afternoon we were free to venture out on our own.  Rita and her old nursing college roommate, Karen, arrived and were anxious for some sightseeing.  We decided to try the public transportation – go to the funicular, ride it up for a view of the city from the Eiffel Tower.  As what occasionally happens, we began by going in the wrong direction on the trolley.]

4-22-15-156 - Copy 4-22-15-157 - Copy 4-22-15-158 - Copy 4-22-15-159 - Copy

[We made it back to initial starting point (top) and kept going until we got to the Memorial to the Victims of Communism.  That’s Reetz on the bottom.]

4-22-15-160 - Copy 4-22-15-161 - Copy

[With the Super, Reetz, and Karen on the funicular ride to the top of Petrin Hill.]

4-22-15-162 - Copy

[We’re halfway up!]

4-22-15-163 - Copy 4-22-15-164 - Copy

[Not Charles Lindbergh, but apparently a Czech ace from WW I.]

4-22-15-165 - Copy

[Looking for the city overlook, we came up this park overlook.]

4-22-15-166 - Copy 4-22-15-167 - Copy 4-22-15-168 - Copy

[The many sides of love . . .]

4-22-15-169 - Copy 4-22-15-170 - Copy 4-22-15-171 - Copy 4-22-15-172 - Copy

[And here we are at the aforementioned Eiffel Tower (junior). After some considerations, we decided not to climb it.]

4-22-15-173 - Copy 4-22-15-174 - Copy 4-22-15-175 - Copy

[We began walking toward the monastery at the top of the hill for a scenic overlook.]

4-22-15-176 - Copy 4-22-15-177 - Copy

[We found some views of the city . . . and looking back, of the Eiffel Tower.]

4-22-15-178 - Copy

[My kind of town, Prague is . . .]

4-22-15-179 - Copy

[What?  Sinatra already did that song?]

4-22-15-180 - Copy

[Upon further review, it’s a touchdown!]

4-22-15-181 - Copy 4-22-15-184 - Copy 4-22-15-184-1 - Copy

[Group photos!  All taken from Strahov Monastery on Petrin Hill (where the Eiffel Tower is at the top.]

4-22-15-187 - Copy 4-22-15-188 - Copy

[Unfortunately, the monastery was not open to visitors on this day.]

4-22-15-189 - Copy 4-22-15-190 - Copy 4-22-15-191 - Copy 4-22-15-193 - Copy

[Since we had already started walking down the hill to get to the monastery, we decided to walk all the way down rather than going back to the funicular.  It was nice to find a “comfort station” from home along the way!  🙂  ]

4-22-15-194 - Copy

[A bit steep, but my Fat Boys Walking legs were up to the challenge!]

4-22-15-195 - Copy

4-22-15-196 - Copy

[We’re all the way down now and looking for our trolley stop.  We could not see Lake L’Homme Dieu from Bugaboo in this instance.]

4-22-15-197 - Copy

[We’re back to the hotel.  This event was going on the whole time we were there.  Very official looking people in business suits and ID badges were always mingling in the lobby – usually in groups of three, two guys and a gal.  Kind of a menage a trois of scientists?]

One more day in Prague, on our own.

Get the super sauce, Fred!  ~  Super Chicken

Up next:  How ’bout a boat trip?

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