Just Some Stuff Between Games Previously Missed

3-3-15-1 - Copy

The winter sports season is over . . . so now what do we do?  Congrats to the girls’ hockey team for making state and to the girls’ basketball team for missing state by one point.  We’ll spring ahead now for remembrances past (OK, redundant but I like the alliteration).  I now do this on two computers so I missed some things for the first “stuff between games” post.  Remember the above?  That was less than two weeks ago!  A week later will still had temperatures of 20 below zero.  Now the snow is totally gone!!

Ole Slushball reports:


3-3-15-2 - Copy

[On March 3, Jami and I went out to enjoy our last (?) winter snowfall, shovels in hand.]

3-3-15-3 - Copy 3-3-15-4 - Copy 3-3-15-6 - Copy 3-3-15-8 - Copy 3-3-15-11-1 - Copy 3-3-15-13 - Copy 3-3-15-14-1 - Copy 3-3-15-19 - Copy 3-3-15-24 - Copy

[Back inside, feet up, enjoying a taste of the grape.  Ahhhh, I miss it already!]

3-6-15-1 - Copy

[March 6 at SAWA, a pastry thingy . . . mmmmmmmmmm!]

3-6-15-2 - Copy

[Vick . . . need I say more?]

3-6-15-3-1 - Copy 3-6-15-4-1 - Copy 3-6-15-5 - Copy 3-6-15-6 - Copy

[Dan Mahar’s semi-annual visit.  Great show, as always!  🙂  ]


[Happy Birthday, Dad!]

The hardest years in life are those between ten and seventy.  ~  Helen Hayes (at 73)

Up next:  Road trip ahead!

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