Conference Champs (Another One!)

2-27-15-65 - Copy

[Friday night, the last game of the regular season.  The foe was poor St. Cloud Apollo, a team that did not win a game all year.  The outcome was really preordained.  (Apollo will represent our section in the boys’ state hockey tournament – we’ll cheer for the Eagles there.)  As the last game, it was also senior night . . .]

seniors1 - Copy seniors1-1 - Copy seniors2 - Copy seniors3 - Copy seniors4 - Copy seniors5 - Copy seniors6 - Copy seniors7 - Copy seniors8 - Copy

[And there you have it.]

2-27-15-1 - Copy 2-27-15-2 - Copy

[The JV game (the above two photos) was almost identical to the following varsity game. This was the last game of the season for the JV’s, who had a terrific year (2 or 3 losses?).]

2-27-15-3 - Copy

[The pre-game stop-and-chat.]

2-27-15-4 - Copy

[Ruth (the other Super Fan Ruth) with Aria, her point guard of the future granddaughter.]

2-27-15-5 - Copy 2-27-15-5-1 - Copy


2-27-15-6 - Copy 2-27-15-7 - Copy

[The Carly Dropik (# 33) Fan Club; and the student section whose sign contents were scrupulously perused by the authorities before they could be displayed!   😉    ]

2-27-15-8 - Copy

[Meanwhile, back at warm-ups.]

2-27-15-9 - Copy

[Good luck to your hockey team.]

2-27-15-10 - Copy

2-27-15-11 - Copy

[And back to warm-ups.]

2-27-15-12-1 - Copy

[Shereee Saxton, whose official title (I believe) is in-charge-of-a-lot-of-school-stuff, e.g., the Cardinal Connection, chaperones the student section while really keeping an eye on the old people to make sure we don’t get out of hand!]

2-27-15-13-1 - Copy

[The point guard-of-the-future is back with her scouting report.]

2-27-15-14 - Copy

[Kelby Olson-Roedel (13) leads the team back to the bench, lest they otherwise get lost.]

2-27-15-15 - Copy

[The seniors gather to be introduced . . . and be feted with their folks.]


2-27-15-16 - Copy

2-27-15-17 - Copy 2-27-15-18 - Copy

[Anna Lee (23)]

2-27-15-19 - Copy 2-27-15-20 - Copy

2-27-15-21 - Copy

heggie 1000 pts

[Brooke Heggie (45)]

2-27-15-22 - Copy

[Group shot]

2-27-15-23 - Copy 2-27-15-24 - Copy 2-27-15-25 - Copy

[Carly Dropik (33)]

2-27-15-26 - Copy

[The coaching staff says good-bye to Kohler’s . . . 30th group of seniors?]

2-27-15-27 - Copy 2-27-15-28 - Copy 2-27-15-29 - Copy

[Cheyenne Hendrickson (55)]

2-27-15-30 - Copy

2-27-15-31 - Copy 2-27-15-32 - Copy 2-27-15-33 - Copy

[Gretchen Revering (25)]

2-27-15-34 - Copy 2-27-15-35 - Copy 2-27-15-36 - Copy

[Emily Korkowski (Manager)]

high school game day

[On loan from somebody’s Facebook posting.]

2-27-15-37 - Copy

[And as captured by Ms. Saxton.]

2-27-15-38 - Copy

[ESPN high school gameday hosts.  I recognize Jaran Roste (middle), our football quarterback and a guard on the basketball team.]

2-27-15-39 - Copy

[The real refs were jolly good sports and posed for a photo with their white-caned impersonator.]

2-27-15-40 - Copy

[The five seniors started.  Since that was new to some, they weren’t sure in what order and to whom to share an introductory fist bump.]

2-27-15-41 - Copy

[Let’s get ready to ruummmmbbblllleeee!]

Video of the opening minutes:


2-27-15-42 - Copy

[After the opening video, we pick up play with the usual starters back on the court.]

2-27-15-43 - Copy

[Kendall Kohler (3) forechecking at the center line, recognizing I’m using a hockey analogy.]

2-27-15-44 - Copy

[Kendall now on the offense . . . I believe she avoided a charge here and drew a foul.]

2-27-15-45 - Copy

[Macy Hatlestad (11) feeds Cheyenne in the post.]

2-27-15-46 - Copy

[Kayla Feldhake (43) at the free throw line.  She has the daunting task of replacing both our 6-footers, Brooke and Cheyenne, next year!  😉   ]

2-27-15-47 - Copy

[Amazingly, one game after catching Macy in an on-court figure skating maneuver, Kiyana Miller (21) looks like she’s sliding into a take-off for a triple Lutz!]

2-27-15-48 - Copy

[Kendall eyeballing the pumpkin from a distance.]

2-27-15-49 - Copy

[Brooke on the foul line.  She pretty much had her way in this game as the Eagles didn’t have anyone who could defend her.]

2-27-15-50 - Copy

[Look!  Is that Oscar-winner J. K. Simmons?  He was at the AAAA in 2012.]

jk simmons at aaaa

[(Just checking to see if you were paying attention.)]

At the half, the Winter Drum Line:


2-27-15-52 - Copy

[And a shooting contest.  Can you find the ball?]

2-27-15-53 - Copy

[Brooke again . . . ]

2-27-15-54 - Copy

[All five Cardinals poised for a defensive assault.]

2-27-15-55 - Copy

[Kendall and Kiyana prepare for a special ‘K’ double-team.]

2-27-15-56 - Copy

[And did Kiyana get it?]

2-27-15-57 - Copy

[Guess not, but still on in-your-face defense.]

2-27-15-58 - Copy

[Cheyenne and Brooke go for a block, Macy prepares for a deflection.]

2-27-15-59 - Copy

[Fast break!!]

2-27-15-60 - Copy

[Macy for the lay-up.]

2-27-15-61 - Copy

[Brooke was leading scorer.]

2-27-15-62 - Copy

[Carly on top as the Cards go into their motion offense.]

2-27-15-63 - Copy

[Kelby displays what I believe are the teams’ best hops.  And though running styles may affect perception, she and Kiyana appear to be the teams’ greyhounds.]

2-27-15-64 - Copy

[Clap-clap-clap, clap-clap-clap as the JV players wrap up the victory.]

Whadya mean we only got a 2 seed?  ~  Cub Reporter

GrumpyOldMen - Copy

Bonus end-of-season quote:  Doh!!!  ~  Homer Simpson

baby on board

Up next:  We host Sauk Rapids-Rice in the first round of the sections on Tuesday.

cards 2-21-15

[See you at the tournament!  (Photo on loan from a no-longer-remembered social media site – apologies.)]

p.s.  The very next night . . .

2-28-15-1 - Copy 2-28-15-2 - Copy 2-28-15-3 - Copy 2-28-15-4 - Copy 2-28-15-5 - Copy 2-28-15-6 - Copy

[It’s really tough to beat an evening with The Cheese Bots, an SRO crowd, and a bottle of Don David malbec at Sixth Avenue Wine & Ale!  🙂   ]

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