An Afternoon With Harper’s Chord

1-24-15-4 - Copy

1-24-15-5 - Copy 1-24-15-6 - Copy

[Always delighted when the group comes to pay us a visit.  All are from St. Cloud but Jill, who lives in Little Falls, so we only get a chance to see them a couples times a year.  This was at the winery on Saturday.]

1-24-15-1 - Copy

[A new addition to Harper’s Chord.  They always wanted to add a bass player . . . so they did!  This is Micah Barrett in his first performance with the group.  Adds a new dimension!  🙂   ]

1-24-15-7 - Copy 1-24-15-8 - Copy

[Paul Drinkwine . . . you’ll notice his steel guitar slide is a copper plumbing fixture.  Ha!]

1-24-15-10 - Copy

[Roger Fink]

1-24-15-11 - Copy 1-24-15-12 - Copy

[Jill Moore]

1-24-15-13 - Copy

An original song from Paul:

1-24-15-15 - Copy

[Roger continued]

1-24-15-16 - Copy 1-24-15-17 - Copy 1-24-15-19 - Copy

[When he tires of the guitar.]

1-24-15-18 - Copy 1-24-15-20 - Copy

[When he tires of the electric bass.]

A nice extended version to display their versatility:

1-24-15-21 - Copy

1-24-15-22 - Copy

[When Jill adds percussion.]

1-24-15-23 - Copy

[When he tires of the guitar and the cello.]

1-24-15-25 - Copy 1-24-15-26 - Copy

[This may have been his original song, “Bluegrass.”]

1-24-15-27 - Copy 1-24-15-28 - Copy

[When Roger tires of the guitar.]

Their signature song and title of their CD:

1-24-15-29 - Copy

[The Harper’s Chord fan club came camouflaged as much younger people, which aroused the suspicions of NSA, TSA, CIA, FBI, and Bloomingdale’s credit department!]

1-24-15-31 - Copy 1-24-15-30 - Copy

[Closing with Paul and his “little cello.”]

 I’d love to kiss you, but I just washed my hair.  ~  Bette Davis (in Cabin in the Cotton)

Up next:  I believe girls’ hockey senior night.

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