Sami Steidl, a New World Record, and the Supervisor’s Surprise

12-27-14-1 - Copy

[The Saturday after Christmas brought the first sighting of the sun since . . . well, it seemed like August 1933 . . .]

12-27-14-2 - Copy

[That evening featured a return engagement to Alexandria by Sami Steidl, joining Cimarron at SAWA . . .]

12-27-14-4 - Copy

[Sami was our first “discovered” local wunderkind, now all grown up and living in Colorado.  🙂  ]

12-27-14-6 - Copy

[In the first shot, she’s masked by the microphone . . .]

12-27-14-7 - Copy

[In the second, a little camera shy . . .]

12-27-14-8 - Copy

[Finally.  😉  ]

12-27-14-9 - Copy 12-27-14-10 - Copy

12-27-14-10-1 - Copy 12-27-14-12-1 - Copy

[The place was packed despite what was simultaneously taking place at the high school . . ]

A video solo by Sami:


Meanwhile, over at the high school, a boys’ basketball game was taking place . . . with special appearances by the Minnesota Timberwolves mascot, Crunch, and his team of acrobatic dunkers – and in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Alexandria Aces, an attempt would be made for a world record for the most number of people simultaneously spinning a basketball for one minute!

12-27-14-13 - Copy 12-27-14-14 - Copy

[I left Fiddlin’ Sami (to return later) to check on events at the high school.  Timed it perfectly, arriving with just a couple minutes left in the basketball game.]

12-27-14-15 - Copy 12-27-14-16 - Copy 12-27-14-18 - Copy

[The joint was packed to the rafters, Evie had joined “The Voice” for the broadcast, and the Cardinals nicely dispatched Delano.]

12-27-14-19 - Copy 12-27-14-19-1 - Copy

[Then Crunch and his dunkers took to the floor.]

12-27-14-20 - Copy

[And Crunch did the opening dunk.]

12-27-14-22 - Copy

[Followed by the acrobatic dunkers.]

12-27-14-23 - Copy 12-27-14-24 - Copy

12-27-14-25 - Copy

[Larry Novotny, founder and still CEO (?) of the Alexandria Aces, standing in the green t-shirt behind “The Voice” and Evie.]

12-27-14-26 - Copy 12-27-14-27 - Copy 12-27-14-28 - Copy 12-27-14-29 - Copy 12-27-14-30 - Copy 12-27-14-31 - Copy 12-27-14-32 - Copy 12-27-14-33 - Copy

[The KXRA broadcast team captures the event for posterity.]

12-27-14-34 - Copy

[The spinners, including many ex-Aces, file onto the floor for the world record attempt.}

And now, the New World Record!  OK, it would have been better from the top row, but I was a late arrival (see Sami Steidl, above).  Anyway, the old record was 104 (I think) – 189 spinners took the floor, 133 of them lasted the full minute.


The next day, Sunday the 28th, would be Tom’s last full day here – in the morning Jami would be driving him back to Indiana.  The kids told the super they would like to go to  The Depot that night for the rib special.  And there we would pull off the surprise birthday party for grandma (whose birthday actually is on New Year’s Day).

12-28-14-2 - Copy 12-28-14-2-1 - Copy 12-28-14-3 - Copy 12-28-14-4 - Copy 12-28-14-5 - Copy 12-28-14-7 - Copy 12-28-14-8 - Copy 12-28-14-9 - Copy 12-28-14-10 - Copy 12-28-14-11 - Copy 12-28-14-12 - Copy

Just when I discovered the meaning of life, they changed it.  ~  George Carlin

Up next:  Games, you know.

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3 Responses to Sami Steidl, a New World Record, and the Supervisor’s Surprise

  1. Gretchen says:

    Happy Birthday Ruthie!!!!!!!! You continue to inspire with your enthusiasm and energy and, gosh darn, good looks!!! Your sistrr-in-law, Gretchen

  2. Gretchen says:

    Sorry, that would be your SISTER-IN-LAW, Gretchen

  3. Mark Brow says:

    Yes, happy birthday Ruth, and some civil war reenactors are.just marching by to see Sami.

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