And Now, a Few Tunes . . . and a “White Christmas”

12-20-14-1 - Copy 12-20-14-2 - Copy

[The Salty Dogs took the “stage” at the winery on Saturday as the opening act for . . .}

12-20-14-3 - Copy 12-20-14-3-1 - Copy 12-20-14-4 - Copy

[The Alexandria Area High School Carolers!  🙂  ]

12-20-14-5 - Copy 12-20-14-5-1 - Copy 12-20-14-6 - Copy

“Joy to the World”:

12-20-14-7 - Copy

[They are just terrific as usual!]

12-20-14-8 - Copy 12-20-14-9 - Copy  12-20-14-11 - Copy

[The Salty Dogs then returned to the “stage,” following their opening act, the Carolers!]

And this is Tom’s solo shot, singing through illness, in “You Got It”:

12-20-14-12 - Copy 12-20-14-13 - Copy 12-20-14-14 - Copy

“The Weight”:

Later that evening . . . it was on to the AAAA Theatre for “White Christmas”!

12-20-14-15 - Copy 12-20-14-16 - Copy 12-20-14-17 - Copy 12-20-14-19 - Copy

[I told Rachel Barduson, who nailed the role of Martha Watson, that I wanted this photo so I could say I knew her before she went on to star on Broadway.  She said, “We are on Broadway.”  “Good point!”  🙂  ]

The evidence indicates that woman is, on the whole, biological superior to man.  ~  Ashley Montagu

Up next:  Some sort of major holiday?

p.s.  Oh, it’s just me again.  I forgot to share cast photos from Rachel’s and the Echo’s Facebook pages, and Bill Engebretson’s photo from his position as drummer in the “White Christmas” orchestra.

white christmas '14 white christmas '14-1

bill e. @ white christmas

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