Alexandria Area High School Christmas Concert

aahs christmas '14-1

Annually, the social and entertainment event of the year.  Looking back, the super and I missed an opportunity to arrive in a limo, with champagne on ice.  Oh yeah, not at the school!  But for the arthriticly and follicly challenged among us, we were celebrating not having to sit on a hard wooden bleacher or cold metal folding chair any longer – for the first time, we were in a THE-AYE-TUR!  And what a lovely touch that is.

12-21-14-1 - Copy

[Oh, student musicians, where art thou?]

12-21-14-2 - Copy

[And then they filed in with the precision of a Marine drill team, taking care not to trip over the upright basses.]

12-21-14-3 - Copy

[And here is your Alexandria Area High School orchestra!  🙂  ]

12-21-14-4 - Copy

[And here joined by your Alexandria Area High School combined choirs.]

12-21-14-4-1 - Copy

[Together they are wonderfully directed by Brad Lambrecht, orchestra, and Steve Deitz, choir, both looking quite lovely in coat and tails.]

aahs christmas '14-2

[The concert honored Murrae Freng, who would have absolutely loved the new auditorium.  It’s a real shame that he just missed being able to see it.]

The Program

aahs christmas '14-3 aahs christmas '14-4

Part of every Christmas concert since we’ve been going has been the narration by Bob Hines.  Our old friend has the perfect late-night FM deejay voice!:

12-21-14-6 - Copy 12-21-14-7 - Copy

[Checking now your programs, the Silhouettes (properly named here) and Les Marquise performed right in front of us.]

12-21-14-8 - Copy

Christmas Carols – The Carolers:

12-21-14-9 - Copy 12-21-14-10 - Copy

[The Rainbow Strings on the far side of the auditorium, among beaming hundreds of parents and grandparents!]

12-21-14-11 - Copy 12-21-14-11-1 - Copy 12-21-14-12 - Copy

“This Christmastide” – Combined Choirs & Orchestra:

12-21-14-13 - Copy

“Do You Hear What I Hear?” – Combined Choirs & Orchestra:

The Players

aahs christmas '14-5 aahs christmas '14-6

aahs christmas (echo)

[And finally, as seen by Echo Press.]

The Book of Life begins with a man and a woman in a garden.  It ends with Revelations.  ~  Oscar Wilde

Up next:  Methinks basketball.

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