Another Statement Win?

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[The tribute to retiring Cardinal broadcaster Dave Harris continued at the girls’ basketball game against undefeated Sartell on Friday night.]

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[Alexandria high school, yes, yes, yes . . .]

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[Well-known Cardinal grandparents.]

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[And this time we’ll feature warm-ups with Macy, who, as you can see, wears number 11, which as all students of School District 206 know falls directly between numbers 10 and 12 and is a prime number.]

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[Anyone seen my contact lens?]

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[Kohler and braintrust supported in the background by the center for the last state tournament team, her parents, and her grandmother.  They vibes were good!]

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[It’s mine, get away!]

12-19-14-15 - Copy

[Waiting, waiting, waiting . . .]

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[Kendall looking for another opportunity to shoot free throws . . . or to see if she can run through that wall?]

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[Macy faced double teams all game.  Nevertheless, through most of the first half the feeling one got watching the game was that the Cards were up by more than 20.  We seemed much more athletic, scored on a lot of breaks and steals, and yet at the half it was a one point game.  When the Sabres were able to get off shots, they made them, including a parcel of 3’s.  I think the Cards may have made only one 3 the whole game?]

12-19-14-20 - Copy 12-19-14-20-1 - Copy

[Always nice to see a Cardinal shot nestle through the net.]

12-19-14-21 - Copy

[Macy blocked or stole several passes simply by great timing on her leaps when she anticipated the pass.]

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[Kendall and Brooke at the line.  The team is generally good at this, but . . . I think in the 2nd half, the Sabres surprised me, and maybe the Cards(?), with their defensive abilities.  Of course, the Cards are no slouch there either.  The offenses ground to a halt in the second half, everybody got tired, and shooting percentages suffered.  The Cards only made 1 of their last 7 free throw attempts, making the game way too close for fan comfort!]

12-19-14-24 - Copy

[And then Kendall (far right) took a hard fall with about 4 minutes left in the game and didn’t play again.  I’ve been told that happily she is OK.]

12-19-14-25 - Copy

[Emma Ziegler (on the baseline) made her return after rolling her ankle before the second game of the season.]

12-19-14-26 - Copy

[Kiyana Miller (21) played a good energetic game, but like her teammates couldn’t ice the game with this last minute free throw attempt.  The situation is tough for anyone, let alone a sophomore a few games into her varsity career.]

12-19-14-27 - Copy

[Any win is a good win!  Up next, we face highly rated section rival Albany at home next Tuesday.]

Boycott shampoo! Demand the REAL poo!  ~  Steven Wright

Up next:  Music!

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