A Blatant Request for Charity (Part Deux)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Before we go any further it behooves me (don’t you just love being behooved?) to let those outside the normal Alexandria commuting area know that tomorrow will be the coldest Thanksgiving in 29 years (two years ago it was 60 degrees!).  And to add insult to injury, tomorrow will be that one in 10 Thanksgiving in which we have snow on the ground – the result of having the longest stretch of days below freezing in November since . . . 1880!  But despite all that, we still have open water (and, surprisingly, fish houses) on beautiful Lake Darling.

11-26-14-4 - Copy 11-26-14-5 - Copy 11-26-14-7 - Copy

[Photos taken Thanksgiving Eve morning.]

But I digress.  The purpose of this missive is to remind you all we’re heading into the holiday season, a/k/a, the gift giving season.  And by virtue of your “membership” in this publication’s mailing list, you all qualify as someone who as a smart friend once remarked, “If I can’t eat it or drink it, I don’t need it or I already have it.”  Thus, on those special holidays, i.e., birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and Guy Fawkes Day, it would certainly be appreciated if you “gifted” the United Way (UW) of Douglas and Pope Counties in the name of your intended giftee.  Thank you very much.

If I Had a Million Dollars . . .

Now I realize that only about 50 per cent of you have a million dollars.  But all of you have a certain amount of disposable income.  Here’s an example of what you can dispose of it on:

3-13-12-8 - Copy

The super and I started going to the Empty Bowls fundraisers at the high school a few years ago.  I was so impressed by this “needs” list on all the tables that I took this photo.  These are UW facts . . . and the “whys” as to the necessities of these programs.  These figures really haven’t changed – 1 out of 5 kids in Douglas County is hungry; and you may have noticed the story in the Strib last week that 1 out of 30 kids in this country is homeless.  Hunger and homelessness are the two main issues for the local UW.  The high school kids do their part with the Empty Bowls program, where you can also be entertained by the likes of Terry Kennedy!

3-13-12-3 - Copy 3-13-12-4 - Copy 3-13-12-5 - Copy 3-13-12-7 - Copy 11-5-14-1 - Copy 11-5-14-2 - Copy 11-5-14-3 - Copy

And here once again is the local UW website.  Please help if you can . . . and also please share this message family and friends.  Again, thank you!


I think I am, therefore, I am. I think.  ~  George Carlin

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