Before Hockey Started . . .

11-2-14-4 - Copy

For the supervisor:

Roses are red, roses are puce,

I like lefse, and so do you yuce.,

Roses are pink, roses are yellow,

Now I’m really, one confused fellow.

10-22-14-1 - Copy 10-22-14-2 - Copy 10-22-14-3 - Copy 10-23-14-1 - Copy 10-23-14-2 - Copy

[When the trees went bare, neighbor Arnie came over and helped the supervisor double-team the leaves and make the final mow.]

10-23-14-1 - Copy

[The League of Women Voters co-sponsored three political forums this season. At this, for the sheriff’s race at city hall, my camera battery went dead after the first photo.  Not a well-prepared faux journalist!]

10-27-14-1 - Copy 10-27-14-2 - Copy 10-27-14-3 - Copy 10-27-14-3-1 - Copy 10-27-14-4 - Copy 10-27-14-4-1 - Copy

[October 27 marked the unofficial beginning of the winter sports season with the first girls’ hockey practice.  I noted at the time we seemed to be deep and speedy.  🙂  ]


[Octoberfest on Broadway . . .]

20141030_173923-1 - Copy 20141030_173938-1 - Copy

[And at the Maritime Museum!]


[Photo courtesy of Bill Engebretson, who was drumming at the museum that evening.  One of the better cell phone photos I’ve ever seen.  🙂  ]

11-1-14-1 - Copy 11-1-14-1-1 - Copy 11-1-14-3 - Copy

[November 1 brought on the social event of the season – the annual Turkeyfest at Basketball Dan’s in Woodbury.  Since we were going through St. Paul anyway, we planned a stop at the Science Museum to see “Flight of the Butterflies.”]

11-1-14-4 - Copy

[You wanna do what?]

11-1-14-5 - Copy

[Well, I’m not sure if you can do that here!]

11-1-14-8 - Copy

[Grandma, what big teeth you have?]

20141101_093317 - Copy 20141101_093326-1 - Copy 20141101_093438 - Copy

[No really, it’s this BIG!]

11-1-14-9 - Copy 11-1-14-10 - Copy 11-1-14-11 - Copy 11-1-14-13 - Copy 11-1-14-14 - Copy 11-1-14-15 - Copy 11-1-14-16 - Copy 11-1-14-17 - Copy

[It was at some point during my excursions through the museum that I walked through a door marked “stairway exit,” only to find I had locked myself in a stairwell!  I hadn’t noticed any signs about “emergency exit only,” but I schlepped both to the top and the bottom of the stairwell only to find all exit doors locked.  I had visions of future headlines reading, “old man discovered dead in museum stairwell.”  I really don’t remember how I got out?  Anyway, the movie was an interesting history.  I hadn’t realized it was a Toronto couple who wondered where Monarchs went in the winter – and it took them 25 years to ultimately discover it was a three generation (of butterflies) roundtrip north and south.  It was a Monarch tagged in Minnesota that gave them proof that these tiny creatures actually did migrate that far, to the mountains of southern Mexico.]

11-1-14-18 - Copy 11-1-14-19 - Copy

[Arriving at Dan’s, Sid greets us at the door.  Once lost in the wild fields of eastern suburbia, Dan’s is now pretty much surrounded by malls.]

11-1-14-20 - Copy

[The Alexandria Cardinals have arrived, beverage of choice in hand.]

11-1-14-21 - Copy 11-1-14-22 - Copy 11-1-14-23 - Copy 11-1-14-24 - Copy 11-1-14-25 - Copy 11-1-14-26 - Copy 11-1-14-27 - Copy 11-1-14-28 - Copy 11-1-14-29 - Copy 11-1-14-30 - Copy 11-1-14-31 - Copy 11-1-14-32 - Copy 11-1-14-33 - Copy

[This long running affair features friends and colleagues from those glorious college days of yesteryear, long before there was even a Woodbury, who meet at Dan’s for a full Thanksgiving dinner (a few weeks before the actual holiday) to gorge on a 26-pounder and all the fixings, and to watch as many college football games as possible.  Most have assigned duties they repeat year after year . . . and a good time is had by all!  🙂  ]


[We returned home for a Central Lakes Concert Association performance the very next day.  Mr. Desare was excellent.]

And then came election day.  Oy!

11-4-14-1 - Copy 11-4-14-2 - Copy 11-4-14-3 - Copy 11-4-14-4 - Copy 11-4-14-5 - Copy 11-4-14-6 - Copy 11-4-14-7 - Copy 11-4-14-8 - Copy 11-4-14-9 - Copy 11-4-14-10 - Copy 11-4-14-11 - Copy 11-4-14-12 - Copy 11-4-14-13 - Copy 11-4-14-14 - Copy 11-4-14-15 - Copy

And thanks again to all the candidates, their families, and the worker bees!  Good job by all!

When I woke up this morning my girlfriend asked me, “Did you sleep good?” I said, “No, I made a few mistakes.  ~  Steven Wright

Up next:  Hockey?

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