10-20-14-2 - Copy

[To know me is to know bread is my middle name (OK, I had it changed).  The supervisor brought this home for me yesterday.  If it were dropped from the roof of a two-story building, it would flatten an SUV.  But I digress . . . ]

choir1 - Copy choir2 - Copy

[Last night was the high school fall choir concert, the first school event to take place in the new auditorium.  I was there because . . . well, it’s my job.  As usual I had the wrong time and arrived a half hour early.  As I entered the building I was nearly run down by a young lady who may have been all of 5-feet tall and 80 pounds barreling down the hall barefooted while lifting her black dress as to not impede her speed.  If she would have hit me, I may have ended up in Miltona.  The football coaches have been duly notified of this prospect.]

There are five concert videos contained herein.  Take a look.  They’ll restore your faith in the future of humanity.

10-20-14-4 - Copy 10-20-14-5 - Copy

[Because I was such an early arrival I had my choice of seats.  So I took back row center for a direct bead on Mr. Dietz as he put his charges through a little pre-game workout.]

10-20-14-6 - Copy

[It was then I noticed these did not appear to be usual choir attire . . . ]

10-20-14-7 - Copy

[Hey, how ’bout that new grand piano?  A gift to the school from the community!  🙂  ]

10-20-14-8 - Copy

[“It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday, the regular crowd shuffles in . . .”]

10-20-14-9 - Copy 10-20-14-9-1 - Copy

[The Girls Chorus.  I tried to video “Shenandoah” but I had technical difficulties.  You may have noticed I’m at a different angle now.  To be explained . . . ]

10-20-14-10 - Copy 10-20-14-10-1 - Copy

[Still the Girls Chorus, composed largely of underclasswomen.  To be explained . . . ]

10-20-14-11 - Copy 10-20-14-11-1 - Copy

[The Boys Chorus.]

10-20-14-12 - Copy

[Les Marquise, a/k/a, the Ladies in PJ’s]

10-20-14-13 - Copy


10-20-14-14 - Copy

[Pop Group]

10-20-14-15 - Copy 10-20-14-15-1 - Copy

[Select Women’s Choir]

10-20-14-16 - Copy

[Now the “to be explained . . .” part.  That’s Mark Ripley.  You may recognize him as “The Competition” in many previous posts.  He’s the school’s photographer/media guy.  He has retired twice but keeps coming back because . . . he loves the job and the kids, and he wanted to be part of the new school.  Oh, as for the multiple shots of the choirs, the Amazing Mr. Ripley was having them all pose for the official school pictures, as long as they were all there and in “uniform.”  I was sitting next to his set-up when I first arrived, but as “the regular crowd shuffled in” I could see I was going to have sight line problems for my photographic efforts.  So I moved to where Ruthie and I sat for the first Central Lakes Concert Association event.  The 2nd CLCA concert is tonight but the supervisor will go with Jami as I “have” to cover the first football section playoff game on the other side of the building.]

10-20-14-17 - Copy 10-20-14-18 - Copy

[Select Women’s Choir, again.  And just for fun, the oft-featured in this site, Josie Nelson, is in this choir.  Can you find her?]

10-20-14-19 - Copy 10-20-14-20 - Copy 10-20-14-21 - Copy 10-20-14-22 - Copy

[Alexandria Concert Choir]

10-20-14-23 - Copy 10-20-14-24 - Copy

[The super and Jami were at the school as well for a Comm Ed class.  We met at Doolittle’s afterwards . . . a beautiful evening to sit out at the fire pit with a taste of the grape!  And did a flash and no flash.  🙂  ]

Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life.  ~ Steven Wright

[Editor’s note:  OK, except for last night.]

Up next:  The football game?

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