A Blatant Request for Charity


Now that I have your attention . . .

First, please watch the following short video.  You’ll know or recognize the people and places. It was locally produced and does a terrific job of explaining the needs of the area:

This will be a double posting, on Facebook and my blog, because, well, they’re available. I was a little concerned about using the blog for this because it was established mainly to report on high school events.  But then I remembered I have solicited for the Education Foundation on the blog, certainly school related, and the school sponsors an annual Empty Bowls fundraiser that segues perfectly into . . .

I was asked to join the United Way (UW) team because I’m an older person . . . OK, an old person. UW has done very well locally within the business community and other organizations where it can pinpoint potential donor groups.  There is a substantial group of potential donors in town that can’t be targeted in a group manner – and that would be retirees.  That’s where I come in – I’m a retiree.  But retirees are a disparate group, on any given moment you couldn’t locate half of them and at the first hint of a snowflake half of them flee south.  So, what seemed like the best idea was a social media blast.  So, here it is!


You can donate by going to the above website, or by visiting the office in the old bowling alley. Oh, and at this time of year, we are also accepting donations of winter clothing.  If you can, please donate.  And whether you can make a donation at this time or not, it would be appreciated if you would “share” this message with your Facebook and e-mail friends.  The broader the distribution, the better results we should get . . . if logic serves.  So, thanks a bunch!

Always do whatever’s next.  ~  George Carlin

Up next:  Depends on how many donations we get?

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