16 Days in France (Day 16, Part 2)

6-20-14-70 - Copy

[We’re leaving the Pantheon and heading for Luxembourg Gardens.  No, we did not eat here.]

6-20-14-71 - Copy

[And we’re there!]

6-20-14-72 - Copy

[Another huge central park.  Anne notes where we are . . . but we’re looking for a lunch place.]

6-20-14-73 - Copy

[A statue?  In Paris?  Who’da thunk?]

6-20-14-74 - Copy 6-20-14-75 - Copy 6-20-14-76 - Copy

[Oh boy, lots of park stuff, including a large pool.]

6-20-14-77 - Copy

[With the Luxembourg Palace on the right.]

6-20-14-78 - Copy

[We found it – food!  Probably a little spendy, but the ambience was delightful.  I recall our waiter being a tad frumpy but fun and very efficient!  🙂   It was also, though, the only place we had to pay to use la toilette.]

6-20-14-79 - Copy

[Reetz checking the latest stock quotes on luggage.]

6-20-14-80 - Copy

6-20-14-81 - Copy 6-20-14-82 - Copy

[And great place to just hang and people watch.]

6-20-14-83 - Copy

[Comment-allez vous?  Tres bien, merci, et vous?]

6-20-14-85 - Copy

[I don’t recall what this was, but the super is giving it close examination.]

6-20-14-86 - Copy

[Just walking through the gardens.]

6-20-14-87 - Copy 6-20-14-88 - Copy 6-20-14-89 - Copy 6-20-14-89-1 - Copy

[Feminine attire always seemed to slip off one shoulder?]

6-20-14-90 - Copy

[I thought I had some shots (in this garden?) of some statues . . . ]

6-20-14-90-1 - Copy

[Where they put multiple thin spikes on the statue heads to prevent them from being bird perches?  Oh yeah, go back to Sainte Genevieve.  🙂  ]

6-20-14-91 - Copy

[The super is checking out the flower beds.  There was also a World War I photographic display here in a building just to the left off this photo.]

6-20-14-92 - Copy [The Biddies and friend.]

6-20-14-93 - Copy

[And we’re out and about in the neighborhood again.]

6-20-14-94 - Copy


6-20-14-95 - Copy

6-20-14-96 - Copy

[I believe we’re in an outdoor book fair here.]

6-20-14-97 - Copy

6-20-14-98 - Copy

[That’s what it says.]

6-20-14-99 - Copy

[Back in the subway again . . . ]

6-20-14-100 - Copy

[From here going to our last “stop” in Paris.]

6-20-14-102 - Copy

[The Trocadero, site of the Palais de Chaillot on the hill across the Seine from the Tower.  A magnificent view.]

6-20-14-101 - Copy

[OK, a little tough to decipher.]

6-20-14-103-1 - Copy 6-20-14-104 - Copy

[I wonder how many photos are taken here on a daily basis?]

6-20-14-105 - Copy

[See you again in Prague!  🙂 ]

6-20-14-107 - Copy

[Remember when Mad magazine called the Robert Shaw character in “Jaws,” “Squint”?]

6-20-14-108 - Copy

[Let’s go across the street to the restaurant row . . . ]

6-20-14-108-1 - Copy

6-20-14-109 - Copy 6-20-14-110 - Copy

[Sometimes there are too many options.  We walked the length of the row and back and settled on this one for dinner, one of the first in line.  Don’t The Biddies look all “Frenchy”?]

6-20-14-111 - Copy 6-20-14-112 - Copy 6-20-14-113 - Copy 6-20-14-114 - Copy 6-20-14-115 - Copy 6-20-14-116 - Copy

[After dinner, back for some final photos with thousands of our close personal friends . . . the supervisor reaches for the stars.]

6-20-14-117 - Copy

[Heading back to the hotel.  Now grizzled veterans of the Paris metro system.  🙂 ]

6-20-14-118 - Copy 6-20-14-119 - Copy

[Out the window shots as we roll along.]

6-20-14-120 - Copy

[The final shot in Paris (well, until the cab ride to the airport in the morning).  Some how fitting that it should be of one of the greatest inventions of all time (now in designer colors!)?  😉  ]

Being a woman is of special interest only to aspiring make transsexuals.  To actual women it is merely a good excuse not to play football.  ~  Fran Lebowitz

Up next:  Going home?

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