Camp 2014

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[We left Mackinaw City early Sunday morning, driving back over the bridge on the way to Camp Brosius in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, our annual visit to Indiana University’s alumni camp.   We had initially thought about taking the ferry across Lake Michigan from Ludington to Manitowoc, but the timing wasn’t right.  We did have to back track a bit on the road, but then we got to go through Escanaba.  How many people can say they’ve been to Escanaba?  It’s just fun to say . . . Escanaba!  Anyway, we got to camp about 1:00 – for at least the 2nd year in row, the first campers to arrive.  Camp staff was out waiting for us and sang the camp song for us – then two of them followed us to our cabin, Rappaport, to help us unload.  🙂  ]

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[This would be home for a week.]

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[Our first camp meal lakeside that night – by tradition, turkey with all the fixin’s!  Mmmm!  🙂 ]

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[Then the opening night campfire.  Reetz staked out her position under the totem pole.]

Editor’s note:  This will not be a day-to-day report of life at camp as in previous years – been there, done that, and we had an extended camp prelude trip.  This will be an overview of the whole week in which I basically pledged to complete “The Art of Fielding” and start an old Carl Hiaasen book.  The weather was perfect all week – sat by the lake or on the porch and read.  We lost some of the usual kids this year . . . school started earlier in Indiana.  Grandson Tom, who was a camp counselor last year spent this summer in Harbin, China, earning college credits . . .

8-2-13-38 8-2-13-78

[Tom last year on the raft and with Grandma (in a heretic shirt!).]


[Also not here this year was Caitlin Van Kooten, but it was reported she was still “recovering” from a bike ride . . . all the way across the country.  4,200 miles, from toe in ocean Oregon to toe in ocean South Carolina, in 7 1/2 weeks with her fiancé – talk about your trial by fire!]


[Her dad, Rick, who was at camp this year and has something to do with string theory at Indiana University, rode the first 1,000 miles with Caitlin on his 25-year old bike before he apparently had to return for work.  Thus, endth the short history lesson, and back to this year . . . ]

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[The Biddies and the rest of us came down the first morning for sailing lessons.  Reetz has often sailed as a deck hand or, as in my case, as ballast, but this was the first time she soloed on a Sunfish.  Not bad!]

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[Here she comes!]

8-4-14-13 - Copy

[Oh, she’s having fun!]

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[Coming in for a two-point landing, she almost lost it!  But with the skill of an ancient mariner, she saved it and didn’t tip over!  🙂  ]

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[So, keep trying.]

8-4-14-17 - Copy

[Bring it in for Karina.]

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[The Biddies double team a paddle boat – under the watchful eye of the sailing instructor.]

8-4-14-22 - Copy

[We left the watch hare in charge while we were gone.]

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[The Biddies enjoy the morning sun lakeside.]

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[The path to Ye Olde Swimming Hole.]

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[Part of the 73 steps from lakeside to topside where the cabins and playing fields, basketball/tennis courts, horseshoe pits, et al, are located – and we did them at least three times a day (for each meal).]

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[The super guards a Sunfish.]

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[Nephew Chris, and others, out practicing for the regatta.]

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[As so often happens in such things, a 10-year old kid, who had never sailed until the previous day, won the solo regatta.  Ha!]

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[Fine dining night . . . walleye or prime rib!  And a little vino!  🙂  ]

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[All relatives, in some manner or another under the Eskimo kinship system.]

8-5-14-28 - Copy

[Annually, the usual suspects.]

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[Tie-dye every year.  Loved the drying display on the tennis court fence!]

8-7-14-2 - Copy

[The Biddies at play!  😉  ]

8-7-14-3 - Copy

[Hi, Max!  One of the regular kids.]

8-7-14-4 - Copy

[Reetz contemplates the finer points of cheating at Euchre.  Once again the Callecod sisters joined forces and reigned terror on the camp as The Biddies, storming to the championship game in both tournaments!  They lost the first when the other team claimed victory after one game (the tournaments are always 2 out of 3?), and they lost the latter when the cards went cold on them holding a 6 – 0 in the 3rd set.]

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[Another doctor (they’re everywhere at camp) shoots one of his kids.  But it’s a good thing nurse Reetz is there to tend to the usual child bumps, cuts, and bruises.]

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[An evening pontoon ride around the lake.  That’s the Roundhouse on the left and the mess hall on the right.]

8-7-14-7 - Copy

[Ye Olde Swimming Hole with the Annex porch above where The Biddies lost the Euchre finals.]

8-7-14-8 - Copy

[Our cabin in the left.]

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[The super was actually enjoying herself.  😉  ]

8-7-14-11 - Copy

[Perfect time of the evening – looking back at camp on the far end of the lake.]

8-7-14-12 - Copy

8-7-14-13 - Copy

[Cindy centers a rare – I’ve never seen one? – summer sun dog!]

8-7-14-14 - Copy

[The moon may be high, but I can’t see a thing in the sky . . . ]

8-7-14-15 - Copy

[I only have eyes for you.]

8-8-14-1 - Copy

[The family tree of counselors.]

8-8-14-4 - Copy

[My one trip to the town of Elkhart Lake this trip.  I had to hit the little wine store for the nectar of the gods – a couple of bottles of sauterne.  🙂  ]

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[With new eyes, I’m now able to function with off-the-shelf sunglasses.  The camp featured Brosius shades for $5.00 a pair!  Being a bon vivant man-about-town, I bought one each of the 4 featured colors – orange, yellow, blue, and tortoise shell (for those formal events).]

8-8-14-17 - Copy

[Coming down for the “show off (IU) the colors” night!]

8-8-14-18 - Copy

[Let the good times roll . . . ]

8-8-14-19 - Copy

[Reetz and the DOM remained under the constant eye of those in charge!]

8-8-14-20 - Copy 8-8-14-21 - Copy

[Dance and eat.]

8-8-14-23 - Copy 8-8-14-24 - Copy 8-8-14-24-1 - Copy

[Then it was back up top for the final campfire.  Chris’s folks, Ed and Elke, enjoyed their 2nd year at camp.]

8-8-14-25 - Copy 8-8-14-26 - Copy

[Sometimes you laugh so hard you just have to fall off a log.]

8-8-14-27 - Copy

[Reetz photos; Chris massages Beth.]

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8-8-14-31 - Copy

[The final skits by the kids are always a hoot!]

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[So, until next year . . .]

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[Kudos to the staff the following morning at good-bye breakfast.  Tom worked with some of these guys last summer and I tried all week to get a group photo for him.]

I don’t believe man is woman’s natural enemy.  Perhaps his lawyer is.  ~  Shana Alexander

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Up next:  At long last, a return to Paris?

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  1. JamiG4 says:

    Yeah for Sailor Reetz!! Loads of nice photos. Good to see Scott & Vick!!

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