16 Days in France (Day 12, Part 2)

6-16-14-106 - Copy

[Leaving the Louvre and entering the Tuileries Gardens where a photographer was shooting crows?]


6-16-14-107 - Copy

[The crow took refuge behind people enjoying the sun on the grass.  Oh, and I believe the statue to be a Maillol named “Mediterrane.”]

6-16-14-108 - Copy

[Then it was full speed ahead into the Tuileries . . . ]

6-16-14-109 - Copy

[A really large area that appears to be really well-groomed public gardens.]

6-16-14-110 - Copy


6-16-14-111 - Copy

[Worthy of being drawn . . . ]

6-16-14-112 - Copy

[But not of being found on the internet?]

6-16-14-113 - Copy


6-16-14-113-1 - Copy

[Apparently used for grounds maintenance under the supervision of the crows.]

6-16-14-114 - Copy

[Looking back toward the Louvre while Elizabeth and Reetz admire the flora.]

6-16-14-115 - Copy

[We’ve reached the center “pool” but in a desperate search for lunch did not meander over for a look?]

6-16-14-116 - Copy

6-16-14-117 - Copy

[OK, maybe we did give it a brief look.  😉  ]

6-16-14-118 - Copy

[Oh, oh, an outdoor café in the gardens has been spotted by our alert forward scouts.]

6-16-14-119 - Copy

[I think we all opted for the quiche.  Is it true the French don’t have a word for “quiche”?]

6-16-14-120 - Copy

[Ever eager for a photo op, I leapt from the lunch table . . . ]

6-16-14-120-1 - Copy

[To capture the crow, who obviously also monitors the statuary.]

6-16-14-121 - Copy

[Then he/she flew away . . . ]

6-16-14-122 - Copy

[Only to return to keep an eye on our dining progress.]

6-16-14-124 - Copy

[Kay captures the action.  No birds or animals were harmed during the photographic shoot.]

6-16-14-125 - Copy

6-16-14-126 - Copy

[Be honest, did you think this was a de Kooning?]

6-16-14-127 - Copy

[The Biddies are just delighted.  We recently heard Reetz is already planning her next 20 visits to Europe!  🙂   ]

6-16-14-128 - Copy

[“Colossus of the Nile”]

6-16-14-129 - Copy

[We’ve finished lunch and . . .]

6-16-14-129-1 - Copy

[All roads lead to the Tower?]

6-16-14-130 - Copy

[The Obelisk of Luxor in Place de la Concorde, the opposite end of the Tuileries from the Louvre.  The cops obviously heard we were in town!]

6-16-14-131 - Copy 6-16-14-131-1 - Copy 6-16-14-133 - Copy

[You’ve probably heard of this before?  It’s at . . .]

6-16-14-134 - Copy

[The Musee de l’Orangerie, still in the “flight path” from the Louvre to the Tower.   ]

6-16-14-135 - Copy

[The Orangerie features the impressionists, much to the delight of The Biddies.  There was no inside photography allowed however, so I took a shot out the window.  🙂  ]

6-16-14-136 - Copy

6-16-14-137 - Copy

[A couple of closer-upper looks at the Obelisk of Luxor as we continued our adventure toward . . .]

6-16-14-138 - Copy

[The Arch de Triomphe . . .]

6-16-14-138-1 - Copy

[Down the Champs Elysees.  It’s farther away than it looks, so The Biddies decided not to make this trek with us.]

6-16-14-139 - Copy

[French author Alphonse Daudet, as we continued toward the Arc.  One of his more memorable quotes was, “You can call me Al,” which later went on to become a famous lyric in a Paul Simon song.]

6-16-14-140 - Copy

[Believed to be the Petit Palais . . . ]

6-16-14-141 - Copy

[Though none of the internet photo posters deigned to take a shot from this angle on the other side of the Champs Elysees.  😉  ]

6-16-14-142 - Copy

6-16-14-142-1 - Copy

[Ms. Monroe now appears to be the poster child for every film festival.]

6-16-14-143 - Copy

[Yeah, he slept here . . . ]

6-16-14-144 - Copy

[Not too far from here, where he probably went for evening entertainment.]

6-16-14-145 - Copy

[Little did we know that King Tut was in town . . . not to mention King Luis and ’57 Chevy!]

6-16-14-146 - Copy

[No, I did not shop here.]

6-16-14-148 - Copy

[The Arc is in a traffic circle, about 400 lanes wide.  It would be impossible to cross above ground . . . so they built a tunnel.]

6-16-14-149 - Copy

[And here we are . . . ]

6-16-14-150 - Copy

[Bill decided that he, and I, would take the narrow spiral stair case to the top – some 280 steps!]

6-16-14-151 - Copy

[We made it!  And the view down the Champs Elysees was worth it!  😉  ]

6-16-14-152 - Copy

[Montmartre, the hill in the distance will come into play at the bottom of this posting.]

6-16-14-154 - Copy

[Views all around.]

6-16-14-155 - Copy

[I was surprised that none of us wanted to go the top of the Tower – the lines I suppose.  But Bill also thought the view from the top of the Arc would be even better.  Well, for one thing, you get a bird’s-eye view of the Tower.  😉 ]

6-16-14-156 - Copy

[Bill secures a photo op spot . . .]

6-16-14-157 - Copy

[Then shoots me in my Mary Tyler Moore moment!]

6-16-14-159 - Copy

[Have you been counting the number of Tower shots?  I think it’s over three now?]

6-16-14-160 - Copy

[A couple last shots on a walk around . . .]

6-16-14-161 - Copy

[Commercial Paris?]

6-16-14-162 - Copy

[A closer upper view of the Basilica of Sacre Coeur on Montmartre.]

6-16-14-163 - Copy

[This is the city . . .]

6-16-14-164 - Copy

[Back down on street level, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.]

6-16-14-165 - Copy

[An Arc support.]

6-16-14-166 - Copy

[And the whole thing as we head for home.]

6-16-14-167 - Copy

[Bert and Kathy may have gone back to Huntington, WV, but we found Bert’s bar!]

6-16-14-168 - Copy

[Paris, the Tower and the Seine.]

6-16-14-169 - Copy

[Crossing the Seine.]

6-16-14-170 - Copy

[Unbeknownst to us during the day’s activities, Elizabeth had a plan for the evening.  A café on Montmartre appealed to her sense of dining adventure.  And what fun, the classic subway exit/entrance at Montmartre.  🙂    ]

6-16-14-171 - Copy

[Let’s just walk around the area . . . ]

6-16-14-172 - Copy

6-16-14-173 - Copy

6-16-14-174 - Copy

[Just your basic avant-garde dining area.  😉   ]

6-16-14-175 - Copy

[But we’re not there yet . . . we have to take the Funiculaire to the top of the hill.  Our subway tickets worked for this.]

6-16-14-176 - Copy

[Up we go . . . ]

6-16-14-177 - Copy

[Soon to have . . . ]

6-16-14-178 - Copy

[A view of . . . ]

6-16-14-179 - Copy

[Paris!  (You were expecting . . . Milwaukee?)]

6-16-14-180 - Copy

[It was getting late but the sun stays up late here.]

6-16-14-181 - Copy

[Finally, a spot where we couldn’t see the Tower.  It was about 20 degrees further right of this photo.]

6-16-14-182 - Copy

[The Sacre Coeur was behind us.  I guess people were sitting on the steps waiting for the City of Lights to . . . light up?]

6-16-14-183 - Copy

[Can you find Anne, Elizabeth and Bill at the top of the stairs.]

6-16-14-184 - Copy

[Quite the viewing area.]

6-16-14-185 - Copy

[Just going to see if anything was around the corner?]

6-16-14-186 - Copy

[I walked down a set of stairs to shoot back up at The Biddies.]

6-16-14-187 - Copy

[Well, who needs the City of Lights?  We were hungry and it was probably 10:00.  So we  walked down about half of what the Funiculaire took us up in search of Elizabeth’s café.]

6-16-14-188 - Copy

[And here it is – Chez Marie!  🙂  ]

6-16-14-189 - Copy

[Tiny little place – could probably seat about 20?  The super liked the wall of kitties.]

6-16-14-190 - Copy

[The party attempts menu comprehension, while enjoying the ambience.]

6-16-14-191 - Copy

[Merci beaucoup again to Elizabeth for finding this place.  It was a perfect ending for a perfect day.]

6-16-14-192 - Copy

[The stairs from whence we came.]

6-16-14-193 - Copy

[Mmmmm, this is good!]

6-16-14-194 - Copy

[OK, I can’t remember what we all had, but it was very tasty.  Looks like I had a soup or stew?]

6-16-14-195 - Copy

[And now it’s dark . . . and way past our bedtime.  We had to hit the subway, with a transfer, to get back home.]

6-16-14-196 - Copy

[Waitin’ for the train.  Don’t get me started about why the Twin Cities absolutely needs a commuter/tourist light rail system!]

6-16-14-197 - Copy

[Back at the hotel, we hied the three blocks for this view.  It must have been 11:00, because the Tower puts on a light show the first ten minutes after the top of the hour.]

6-16-14-200 - Copy

6-16-14-202 - Copy

6-16-14-203 - Copy

6-16-14-206 - Copy

6-16-14-207 - Copy

6-16-14-210 - Copy

[The end of a most memorable day.  Bonsoir!]

One of the many advantages of having a boyfriend who is half French is that his culinary repertoire extends beyond mac and cheese. Plus, there’s the kissing.  ~  Meg Cabot

Up next:  It’s a surprise!

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