A Momentary Respite from France . . .

To catch up on things at home . . .

On Awake the Lakes weekend, among the thousands of options, the supervisor and I did a double duty music venue on Friday and Saturday.  It was Friday afternoon with Josie Nelson at the winery, Friday night with Lisa Lynn at SAWA, Saturday afternoon with Patchouli at the winery, and Saturday evening with the Salty Dogs at Bug-A-Boo Bay.  We got a deluge du jour with Josie, so she had to move inside for her last two sets.  Karin and Dave Berg toughed it out with us all day Friday,and we believe also caught Matt and Julie Velline at Interlachen late night (while we bombed out).  We thought we’d have the same weather on Saturday, but it was a terrific day to be outside with both Patchouli and the Salty Dogs.  But I’m recommending we build an aquaduct to transfer all the rain runoff from here to California’s central valley to save our nuts!


6-27-14-5 - Copy 6-27-14-6 - Copy 6-27-14-7 - Copy 6-27-14-8 - Copy 6-27-14-9 - Copy 6-27-14-12 - Copy 6-27-14-18 - Copy 6-27-14-20 - Copy


6-27-14-22 - Copy 6-27-14-23 - Copy 6-27-14-24 - Copy 6-27-14-25 - Copy 6-27-14-27 - Copy

[It was a little too dark to get many good photos of Lisa (the deluge du jour was continuing outside), so I included the now “art museum” look to SAWA, on this wall featuring works from local artist Tracy Anderson, with Bruce Hecksel’s, of Patchouli, works on the far right.]


6-28-14-2 - Copy 6-28-14-4 - Copy 6-28-14-5 - Copy 6-28-14-6 - Copy 6-28-14-8 - Copy 6-28-14-12 - Copy

[Their “Dragonfly” CD has been nominated for the best instrumental CD in a worldwide competition.  🙂 ]

Salty Dogs

6-28-14-18 - Copy 6-28-14-19 - Copy 6-28-14-20 - Copy 6-28-14-21-1 - Copy 6-28-14-22 - Copy 6-28-14-23 - Copy 6-28-14-26 - Copy 6-28-14-27 - Copy

It is assumed that the woman must wait, motionless, until she is wooed.  That is how the spider waits for the fly.  ~  George Bernard Shaw

Up next:  France?

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