Alexandria – 9, Moorhead – 1

5-26-14-1 - Copy

[Freshman catcher McKenzie Revering (14) in pre-game warm-ups.]

mavsflynnnancy'86-3-1The super and I did what all red-blooded Americans do on Memorial Day – we went to a section tournament softball game!!  We almost drowned in a pool of our own perspiration – well, me in sweat, the super in glisten – and likely have 3rd-degree sunburns. The noon-time start game was played in hot, humid, sunny weather – something we aren’t quite used to around these here parts! Rain clouds threatened in all directions, but didn’t get here until as I do my report. Our Cards prevailed over Moorhead 9 – 1 as senior pitcher Taylor Ellingson (7) had a great game, both as a pitcher and as a hitter from the lead-off spot. She is just a terrific all-around athlete who is both strong and fast . . . I know she had as a minimum a walk, a triple, and a 3-run home (in the bottom of the 4th that put the game away). She is fast enough that I thought the triple would be a double but she never slowed, and the same with the homer that was a line drive down the leftfield line. I don’t think she ever had any intention to stop running until she got to home plate – I was so dumbfounded I didn’t react fast enough with the camera. Oh, and there was a representative there from Le Homme Dieu View Townhomes, but it wasn’t “Weakie-d”-out. Sitting behind the super in an unfortunately Spud-colored shirt.  [Yes, the insert is the softball playing me back in the day when I was almost as strong and almost as fast as Taylor.]

5-26-14-2 - Copy

[Team captains Anna Lee, Sarah Bruzek, and Emily Kuennen meet the game officials at home plate for the ceremonial coin toss . . . ]

5-26-14-3 - Copy

[Or they may have been discussing post-game dining options?]

5-26-14-4 - Copy

[That ump wanted to know where he could get a Blizzard?]

5-26-14-5 - Copy

[The Spuds form a sightline barrier to my attempt to photo the Cardinal pre-game intros.]

5-26-14-6 - Copy

[I’ll choose ponytail No. 2!]

5-26-14-7 - Copy

[Anthem time.]

softball '14 - Copy

Taylor’s 1st inning video (you can’t get this kind of coverage any where else!):

5-26-14-8 - Copy

[Taylor leads off for the Cards.  The pitcher position in the scorebook is 1 – coincidence?]

5-26-14-9 - Copy

[A good swing to loosen a few vertebrae . . . ]

5-26-14-10 - Copy

[Then a really good rip!   🙂  ]

5-26-14-12 - Copy

[Batting 2nd and playing 2nd base, junior Kaila Dewanz (8).  Like Taylor, also a hockey player.]

5-26-14-13 - Copy

[Batting 3rd and playing 3rd base (are you noticing a symmetry here?), senior Sarah Bruzek (3).  For fun also plays soccer and basketball as varsity sports.]

5-26-14-14 - Copy

[I don’t like bunting; Sarah probably doesn’t either.]

5-26-14-15 - Copy

[Batting 4th (i.e., clean-up) and playing left field, junior Carly Dropik (6).  Unlike anyone the Twins can put in this spot in the batting order, Carly is a power hitter.]

5-26-14-16 - Copy

[Batting 5th and playing centerfield, junior Jana Roste (12).]

5-26-14-17 - Copy

5-26-14-19 - Copy

5-26-14-20 - Copy

[Taylor trying the ole “screen” play.]

5-26-14-21 - Copy

[Little Rev is also a hockey player – you may recall her game winning goal, in the 3rd OT, against New Ulm in the state tournament.]

5-26-14-22 - Copy

[Let’s see, defense in hockey and catcher in softball.  Little Rev must be one giant bruise most of the year?  😉  ]

5-26-14-23 - Copy

[Kaila checks her temperature in the noonday sun.]

5-26-14-24 - Copy

[Hey, bench!  I’ll need ice!]

5-26-14-25 - Copy

[Oh, to have 15-year old knees!]

5-26-14-26 - Copy

[Good inning . . .]

5-26-14-27 - Copy

[A few more of those and it will be Blizzards for all!]

5-26-14-28 - Copy

[Batting 6th, senior 1st baseman, Emily (4).]

5-26-14-29 - Copy

[I think she fouled off several here.]

5-26-14-30 - Copy

5-26-14-31 - Copy

5-26-14-32 - Copy

5-26-14-33 - Copy

[Coach Albers]

5-26-14-34 - Copy

[Sophomore rightfielder Amy Jost (15), also our hockey goalie.]

5-26-14-35 - Copy

5-26-14-36 - Copy

[Looks like Amy’s right on it.]

5-26-14-37 - Copy

[McKenzie, the last hockey player in the lineup.]

5-26-14-38 - Copy

5-26-14-39 - Copy

5-26-14-40 - Copy

[Maybe a little too aggressive here . . . soft hands, stay back, try to catch the ball with the bat.  😉  OK, as if you all don’t already receive lots of advice – ha!]

5-26-14-41 - Copy

[Back to Taylor at the top of the order.  I believe I captured the homerun swing here – the ball that was lined deep into the leftfield corner . . . ]

5-26-14-42 - Copy

[Taylor completed her lap of all four bases before I could get the camera ready . . . so I captured a happy Kaila on deck.]

5-26-14-43 - Copy

[There’s Taylor in the red helmet getting congrats from her teammates.]

5-26-14-44 - Copy

5-26-14-45 - Copy

5-26-14-46 - Copy

[The supervisor and Steve Waller, sitting behind her, are flush with excitement!  (Later addition:  As pointed out by her mom, softball alum Mikayla Lucas was at the game two people to the left of the supervisor in the green top – and we didn’t even know she was there.) ]

5-26-14-47 - Copy

[The state champion hockey coach . . . now in a sport where he can coach in short pants.]

5-26-14-48 - Copy

[Mitch checks the stat sheet . . . or how his investments are doing?]

5-26-14-49 - Copy

[I vote for the Heath Bar, Butterfinger combination Blizzard!]

5-26-14-50 - Copy

[Kaila came in to pitch the last inning . . .]

5-26-14-51 - Copy

[This was only to second game I was able to see this year . . . ]

5-26-14-52 - Copy

[She has a change-up comparable to Dani Bany’s.  🙂 ]

5-26-14-53 - Copy

[So it appears Kaila will be the No. 1 hurler next year.]

5-26-14-54 - Copy

[Drive safely on your way home!  (Actually, we went to Jimmy John’s for a No. 5.)]

5-26-14-55 - Copy

[Because I did not do well during player introductions, this is on a continuous roll for the post-game handshakes so you get a chance to see everybody.]

5-26-14-56 - Copy 5-26-14-57 - Copy 5-26-14-58 - Copy 5-26-14-59 - Copy 5-26-14-60 - Copy 5-26-14-61 - Copy 5-26-14-62 - Copy 5-26-14-63 - Copy

[Keep it up, ladies!]

It is necessary to be almost a genius to make a good husband.  ~ Balzac  [Editor’s note:  Or so they say.  😉  ]

Editor’s further note:  Just got our first graduation notice. It’s a reminder to once again share Dad’s column to me . . . a mere 49 years ago. It’s time to congratulate all those who graduate this year, the last class ever out of Jefferson, and to thank you all for keeping the old alumni entertained throughout the years with your abilities and passions in sports, music, theatre, and scholastics. (I seriously do not understand the attraction among older people to live in 55+ communities?)  Now go out there and conquer the world:




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