Hasz Sisters Go 1 & 3 in Hamline’s State Elite Track Meet


[All track meet photos herein were pilfered from other folks’ Facebook postings.  (This from Mark Erickson of the MSHSL.  Great photo!  😉 )]

Report from dad Hasz: Great race for Megan & Bethany Saturday night in the 3200-meter race. Megan 1st 10:32 & Bethany 3rd 10:40.  [And they’re still just sophomores.]

This is the video of the meet – if you scan it forward to about the 3 hour and 8 minute mark, you can see the whole race. Megan runs down the Chanhassen girl in the last 200 meters:


hasz4-25-14-1 hasz4-25-14-2 hasz4-25-14-3

[These three were all from dad.]

hasz4-25-14-5 hasz4-25-14-6 hasz4-25-14-7 hasz4-25-14-8 hasz4-25-14-9

[Dad Hasz posted 5 more photos, so I swiped them too!]

In other news:

The Great American Ice-Out continues! Will we make it by May? Beautiful Lake Darling yesterday afternoon and early this morning (the first three). You can see how it’s moved around from a few days ago. We were open in front here for a week or so, but now north winds have blown it back down to us and the north end looks open. Latoka was open yesterday, Cowdry was totally open driving by it this morning (awesome to see waves again), but Carlos (always last) has a long way to go. And then just a few minutes ago, the north wind has blown the Lake Darling ice down to our end again and we’re iced in (the last three photos):

4-25-14-3 - Copy

4-26-14-1 - Copy 4-26-14-2 - Copy 4-26-14-3 - Copy 4-26-14-4 - Copy 4-26-14-5 - Copy

 On more other news:

4-25-14-4 - Copy

[Lisa Lynn and I wore the same outfit at SAWA last night. Fortunately, we both thought it would be way to cutesy for a “team” photo.]


[Lisa’s own FB contribution from last night – her guitar case.]

4-25-14-4-1 - CopyIn more other more news:


[We, and 350 of his closest friends, said good-bye to Kevin Kopischke yesterday.  In his 10 (+ ?) years as president, he turned the Alexandria Technical and Community College into a juggernaut – 4,000 students, top 5 percent in the country in both graduation rates and graduation job placements.  Congratulations again, Kevin.  And we were all introduced to his successor, Laura Urban.  I do not know if she is related to Keith Urban.   I know Mr. Urban is a country music star, but I couldn’t pick him out of a line-up.  But if he is a country star, shouldn’t his last name be “Rural”?]

In more other more other news:

And the beat goes on.  The Alex girls’ golf team won the first conference meet by 39 strokes, with Cards individually placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.  As Robert Klein used to say, “How do we do it?  Volume!”  (I think this is right that the girls have won something like 20 conference titles in a row?)

softball '14 - Copy

[I’ll get around to covering this stuff soon.  Saw the first game of the Fergus Falls doubleheader, where the team did not play well.  Then they won game 2, 15 – 2?  Go figure?  I think they’ve only played 3 games so far because of the weather.  Same with the baseball team, and I’m looking forward to seeing them play as they’ve romped through their opening few games.  Rain forecast for all next week again . . . so who knows?]

As any psychologist will tell you, the worst thing you can possibly do to a woman is to deprive her of a grievance.  ~  Beverly Nichols

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