Catching Up With Music and the Last Throes of Winter

March 27, Matt & Julie Velline at SAWA

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3-27-14-11 - Copy 3-27-14-15 - Copy 3-27-14-17 - Copy 3-27-14-20 - Copy 3-27-14-22 - Copy 3-27-14-23 - Copy 3-27-14-25 - Copy

[Julie caught Facebooking the evening’s festivities.]

Our Thursday night home away from home!  [p.s. Ruthie woke up this morning and said she feels like she’s living Groundhog Day.  Every day a “winter storm warning is in effect.”]


 March 28, Lisa Lynn at SAWA

I’ve been asked by her East Coast fan club to comment on whether Lisa is back in Minnesota to stay.  Dunno, but at least for the short term.  I think, however, she will continue to be California Dreamin’, so in the long term?

3-28-14-1 - Copy 3-28-14-2 - Copy 3-28-14-3 - Copy 3-28-14-4 - Copy 3-28-14-4-1 - Copy 3-28-14-5 - Copy

March 30, Anthony Miltich at Carlos Creek Winery

3-30-14-1 - Copy 3-30-14-2 - Copy 3-30-14-5 - Copy 3-30-14-7 - Copy 3-30-14-8 - Copy 3-30-14-9 - Copy

Over 50 degrees today – first time that’s happened here since 1938! People were sitting outside at winery! Photo of Ruthie at the winery we took for Rita!   We don’t know who the sisters are but they volunteered to pose for the picture when we told them we liked their shirts.  The two women at the end are from the Cities, and we e-mailed them a copy of the photo.

April 5, Anthony Miltich at Carlos Creek Winery

Another afternoon with Anthony Miltich at the winery yesterday. And a chance to show the “state of the ceiling.” The framework is in for the soundproofing panels to be hung to improve the acoustics – and mood lighting with chandeliers! May be ready by next weekend? Anyway, Anthony had the full repertoire there yesterday – the 6-string, the 8-string, and the 12-string guitars. He’s next there May 3, hopefully outside then. Are you listening, Martha Williams?

4-5-14-2 - Copy 4-5-14-4 - Copy 4-5-14-5 - Copy

April 6, Yardwork Begins

NOW I REMEMBER WHY I LIKE WINTER! I rediscovered how the supervisor got her name! It was sunny, in the 50’s today, most of the snow is gone, that means . . . . arrgggghhhhh, yardwork. She had me out there at the crack of noon cutting off tree limbs (you can hear their screams!) and otherwise picking up winter’s debris around the yard. And she was going around to our each corner evergreen shrubs de-limbing those sunburned to death. Then it was all piled for the eventual conflagration in the burn pit. And if you didn’t read James Lileks in the Strib today, it’s road maintenance season: “Interstate 94 (between St. Cloud and the North Dakota border [i.e., us]): Road will be removed and replaced with something that’s absolutely straight. Single lane for both directions. Expect delays, weeping, fistfights, gunplay.”

4-6-14-1 - Copy 4-6-14-2 - Copy 4-6-14-3 - Copy 4-6-14-4 - Copy 4-6-14-5 - Copy 4-6-14-6 - Copy Bureaucrat8 - Copy

Up next:  Softball Thursday?

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